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Introduction to Internal Family Systems - 2nd Edition

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No Bad Parts

Healing Trauma and Restoring Wholeness with the Internal Family Systems Model

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What is Internal Family Systems?®

Transformative psychotherapy… and empowering paradigm.

IFS®  is a transformative tool that conceives every human being as a system of protective and wounded inner parts lead by a core Self. We believe the mind is naturally multiple and that is a good thing. Just like members of a family, inner parts are forced from their valuable states into extreme roles within us. Self is in everyone. It can’t be damaged. It knows how to heal. 

IFS®  is frequently used as an evidence-based psychotherapy, helping people heal by accessing and healing their protective and wounded inner parts. IFS®  creates inner and outer connectedness by helping people first access their Self and, from that core, come to understand and heal their parts.  

But IFS®  is much more than a non-pathologizing evidence-based psychotherapy to be used in a clinical setting. It is also a way of understanding personal and intimate relationships and stepping into life with the 8 Cs: confidence, calm, compassion, courage, creativity, clarity, curiosity, and connectedness. Professionals from many different backgrounds such as, but not limited to, legal mediation, school administration, life coaches and religious leaders may utilize IFS®  to inform and guide their work. Our growing list of educational programs aims to serve not only therapists but the wider public and other professions.  

The mission of IFS Institute is to bring more Self leadership to the world. 


An Overview of IFS ®


Professional IFS® 
Training and Certification

IFS Institute offers three progressive levels of professional training for those wishing to become IFS®  therapists and practitioners. An IFS Level 1 Training is the minimum requirement for practicing IFS in a clinical or professional setting.

IFS®  Certified Therapists and IFS®  Certified Practitioners carry a distinguished mark demonstrating competency and experience of the IFS model. Learn more about becoming IFS Certified here.

IFS Institute is organizing more trainings! If you would like us to email you when new trainings become available, please sign up for email notifications here.

Online Learning

IFS® Online Circle

IFS®  Online Circle

Our signature introductory online course taught by Dr. Richard Schwartz and Senior IFS®  trainers, Toni Herbine-Blank and Pam Krause. Enrollment opens each March and September when we offer monthly teachings progressing through the concepts of IFS including The Flow of the Model, The Protective System, Fears of the Protectors, Working with Exiles, Polarizations, Direct Access and In-Sight, and more.

IFS® Continuity Program

IFS® Continuity Road Image

Our Continuity Membership Program is for those who are enrolled in or have completed an IFS Level 1 Training and those who have already participated in the Online Circle program. This online community is a global platform for continuous learning to deepen IFS knowledge and skills. Enrollment opens three times a year as we introduce a new four-month course.

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2023 IFS® Institute Annual Conference

October 26-28, 2023
We hope you'll join us in 2023- Denver, Colorado at the Sheraton Downtown. More Information Coming Soon!

The IFS®  Institute Conference welcomes individuals of all levels - from seasoned IFS Therapists and Practitioners to those who are new to the IFS Model - and anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of IFS. Attendees can earn IFS Certification Credits, explore a variety of learning opportunities and connect with IFS practitioners from around the world.  The conference provides a unique platform to broaden your understanding of IFS, interact with leaders in the Model, and be in community with others who share a passion for IFS.

IFS News

What a Difference a Year Makes 

Last summer we offered a community survey to guide us in our work to meet the demand fueled by the growing awareness of IFS. We’re grateful to the thousands who replied and provided important insights on the community we serve as well as learning preferences. We have used these insights to guide us as we are expanding our learning programs while working to maintain high quality events and steward the integrity of the IFS model.

Workshops / Retreats

Harmony Within: Embracing Transformation through IFS ®


1440 Multiversity

800 Bethany Drive, Scotts Valley, CA, 95066, USA


October 4-6, 2023

Guests with overnight accommodations at 1440 are invited to join us October 3rd for check-in and dinner provided by 1440 Multiversity. 

Discover the transformative power of the Internal Family Systems ® (IFS ®) model in this enlightening 3-day retreat led by IFS ® Founder, Dick Schwartz and Jeanne Catanzaro, at the serene 1440 Multiversity, in Scotts Valley, California. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience that includes inspiring workshop sessions, luxury onsite accommodation for three nights, and nourishing, freshly prepared meals beginning with dinner on your arrival day through lunch on departure day.

Throughout the retreat, you'll engage in captivating sessions led by Dick and Jeanne, as they guide you on a...


IFS has been the single most influential model by which I view the world, my interactions with others and myself.  It is more than a model for professionals in the mental health field. It is a model that facilitates one's personal growth and is intuitive and easily accessible.  It is applicable and versatile for a myriad of contexts including corporate teams and school classrooms.

Ellyn, Chicago IL

Great insight is developing my own ability to have presence and help my coaching clients do the same - plus opportunity to connect to a unique, warm, and supportive community.

M. Hurwich

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