Volunteer at the 2023 IFSI Conference

Each year the conference is supported by a large number of volunteers who help IFSI staff onsite during the time of the event. This year we have several different volunteer positions available. While the conference does not offer scholarships, the volunteer opportunity is a great way to be part of the conference support team, attend workshops of your choice, connect with conference attendees, and receive financial support in return.

Volunteer Positions for the 2023 IFS Conference have been filled.

When your application is received it will be reviewed by our Volunteer Coordinator. If selected to volunteer at this year’s conference, someone will contact you via email. The Volunteer Coordinator will confirm your volunteer positions. You will then be required to register to reserve your spots. 

You must volunteer for a minimum of two workshops. 

Volunteers will receive a 50% discount on registration for each day of volunteering. Additional discounts are available for 3 day packages. Based on your selection of volunteer & attendance days, your Volunteer Coordinator will provide you with a unique link for your registration. 

Volunteering positions are filled on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in volunteering, please do not register prior to confirming your volunteer positions.


Volunteer Opportunities

Please review the conference schedule and consider which conference events you would like to support. You must volunteer for a minimum of 2 events. 

The application form will ask you to choose from one or more of the following events to support: 

Wednesday, October 25th: Conference Set Up (All Day) 

Thursday, October 26th: Pre-Conference (All Day Workshops)

Friday, October 27th: Morning Keynote, Morning Workshops, Afternoon Workshops, All Day Workshops

Saturday, October 28th: Morning Keynote, Morning Workshops, Afternoon Keynote, Afternoon Workshops, All Day Workshops.  

As a volunteer your will be expected to perform one or more of the following:

- Introduce yourself to the presenters.

- Check attendees registration badges to make sure they are registered for the specific workshop.

 - Direct attendees to the CE sign in table. 

- Assist presenter with Q&A mic. 

- Help set-up bookstore, move and unpack boxes (may require lifting). 

- Room set-up (may require lifting). 

*Note: You do not miss any part of the workshop. You can participate FULLY in all conversations and exercises.

Volunteer Positions for the 2023 IFS Conference have been filled.


More info

Registration Now Open | 2023 IFS Annual Conference | October 26-28, 2023

For general conference inquires please email: conference@ifs-institute.zendesk.com