IFS Professional Directory Disclaimer

We want to let you know that we rely entirely on the self reported declarations and representations of the individuals listed in our directory when it comes to their credentials, licenses, or registrations. It's important to note that the IFS Institute is not a licensing board or disciplinary body, and we haven't independently verified any of the information provided by those listed. To ensure that you receive the services you need, we strongly encourage you to verify all credentials with the individual listed before proceeding.  

In our directory we make a distinction between IFS Certified Therapists and Certified Practitioners. 

IFS Certified Therapists are those individuals who have completed the IFS Certification process and have declared to us that they hold the required credentials as mental health professionals to legally practice psychotherapy in the geography in which they are licensed or registered. Any other person having completed the Certification process will be categorized as an IFS Certified Practitioner.  

In granting the “IFS Certified Therapist” and “IFS Certified Practitioner”  designations, IFS Institute (i) fully relies on the applicant's declarations of possession of the required credentials, license and/or registration for clinical practice as a mental health professional, (ii) has not conducted independent verification, and (iii) will not accept any liability in the event that an IFS Certified Therapist lacks the credentials or license for clinical practice in a given territory. 

The IFS certification demonstrates the individual has attained proficiency in IFS core concepts and practices that can be applied and integrated into a variety of either therapeutic or professional occupations depending on the individual’s previous professional background and given scope of practice. 

IFS certification neither (i) designates that the certified individual is a licensed professional or equivalent nor (ii) implies, represents, or warrants anything with respect to the professional ethics or clinical competence of the certified individual. IFS Institute is an educational institution, not a disciplinary body that assures the public of the clinical or professional competence or ethics of a person who has undergone training with us or who is IFS certified. Any ethical or professional concerns must be directed to the individual or their professional board if applicable.