The Self-Led Helper: Embodying the Healing Wisdom

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Richard C. Schwartz, PhD, Developer of IFS





November 16-17, 2022, 10:00am – 5:30pm ET* ​
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Workshop Description

​​​Many clinicians have been introduced to the core concepts of Internal Family Systems (IFS), a scientifically validated approach that has been gaining traction rapidly as more and more therapists attest to its’ transformative and lasting effects. In this advanced workshop led by the founder of IFS, Dr. Richard Schwartz, participants will learn how to further embody the “Self” in order to maximize therapeutic outcomes as well as to further their own personal growth. 

Dr. Schwartz states: 

“I’ve found that the most important variable in how quickly clients can access their Selves is the degree to which I’m Self-led. When I can be deeply present to my clients from the core of my being, free from anxiety about how I’m doing, or who’s in control of the therapy, or whether the client is following the correct therapeutic agenda, clients respond as if the resonance of my Self were a tuning fork that awakens their own. It’s this deep, true, and faithful presence of the therapist – without portfolio or baggage – that every client yearns to connect with” 

To download the full article (“The Larger Self”) that includes the quote above, click here 

​In this 2-day live online workshop, Dr. Schwartz will teach practices for helpers to access the Self, remain in the Self, and come back to the Self when triggered. This, in turn, will maximize therapeutic outcomes and reduce the likelihood of burnout for the helper. **Please note that this advanced workshop assumes prior training in IFS; it is not designed to introduce the clinical method itself.   

Topics Covered:

  • Increasing awareness of your own internal system 
  • How to differentiate between the Self and “Self-like” parts 
  • 5 Markers to determine if you are in Self 
  • Practices to quickly access Self prior to therapy sessions, during sessions, and outside of the therapy room 
  • Embodying the 8 C’s 
  • How to bring more Self leadership to your everyday life 
  • How to work – in the moment – with your own parts that interfere with therapy/helping 
  • How to let go of investment in a particular outcome for a session 
  • Common obstacles to Self-Leadership and ways to overcome these obstacles

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: November 14, 2022 at 12 pm ET

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