Using IFS to Heal Parts who Focus on Food and the Body


Jeanne Catanzaro, PhD and Dianne Dugan Richards, RDN, LDN


Live on Zoom via Therapy Training Boston


Date and Time:  June 4, 2021 - 9:00 am to 4:45 pm

We are a culture preoccupied with dieting, wellness and devoted to maintaining unrealistic ideals of how we should look and function. Confusion and shame about our weight, size, and health are rooted in cultural burdens that can make us lose touch with our innate wisdom about what our bodies need. This has been particularly evident during the pandemic, where messages about food and bodies have often been extreme or conflicting. The Internal Family Systems model offers an alternative to the endless quest for the “right” diet and exercise plan. The model offers a way to help clients reconnect with their core wisdom, the Self, so we can help them heal the many legacy burdens, cultural and historical inheritances, that shape their relationships with food and their bodies and contribute to systemic bias. The workshop will include an overview of the IFS model to ground the learning for new and experienced IFS practitioners. Teaching methodology includes: didactic learning, experiential exercise, meditations, small group work.

Credits: 6 CEs


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