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Free IFS Community Webinar Series

In response to these unprecedented times and the vast impact of COVID-19, we're pleased to provide a series of free webinars offered by Dr. Richard Schwartz and other leaders in the IFS Community.

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I want to Scream! Communication in Quarantine

with IFS Certified Therapist Gwen Hurd, LCSW.

June 2nd at 4 PM ET >>REGISTER HERE<<


I want to scream. Free Webinar with Gwen Hurd


Where's God When the World is Falling Apart

With Dick Schwartz and Jenna Riemersma

June 19th at 11:30 AM ET <<REGISTER HERE>>


Where's God when the world is falling apart. Free webinar with Dick Schwartz and Jenna Remeirsma


Recordings are available on our YouTube Channel and through the links below.





Listen as IFS Founder, Richard Schwartz confronts the challenges we face internally and as a society from the COVID-19 pandemic. Featuring experiential meditations to go inside and work with your own parts related to this current crisis.


Join IFS Senior Lead Trainer, Toni Herbine-Blank for a presentation on Caring for the Caregivers during this time of uncertainty.


The world is experiencing a trauma right now. Many of us are being activated in ways we could never have imagined. Some of us are experiencing a double trauma; where the current day situation is also triggering painful experiences from the past. Together we are experiencing trauma, together we can share our stories, together can heal and together we will grow as a world that experiences more peace, unity, love and connection.