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Beachwood Center for Wellbeing

Integrative Equine Therapy (IET)

What We Do

Beachwood provides Integrative Equine Therapy (IET); a highly effective, short term, horse centered approach.

Our goals:

· Provide the safe space in which a client can connect to self with horses

· Support the client as they use the feedback from the horses to uncover and discover parts

· Teach the client to access self-energy on a regular basis, reaching for safety within themselves

· Strengthen the client’s ability and confidence to maintain this connection on their own.

Brown University (Dept of Public Health) established Beachwood’s evaluation measures, and has been collecting independent, third–party data since 2017. Data thus far shows that clients experience a reduction in anxiety, stress, and depressive symptoms across the board – regardless of their diagnosis or presenting symptomology.

“The connection with Lynne and her horses at Beachwood Center for Wellbeing is a wonderful resource which has helped two of my clients so far. Lynne Bryan Phipps is a talented, compassionate and insightful woman whose equine therapy work integrates in a way that enhances IFS therapy. I highly recommend her meaningful work!” Carol Garfinkle PsyD

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Horses are very sensitive, and inherently in Self. They show us when those in their environment are present and connected. They also show us when parts are up.

Our work begins with mindfulness, connecting with the horse.

The horse creates a safe holding environment for parts to show up. The horse is inherently tuned in to when self and parts are present, and gently shows a client when parts become integrated.

Our skilled IET therapists are trained to read the horse to guide the process.

When to refer to Beachwood

We are helpful to IFS therapists

· When words aren’t available

· When a client is stuck and can’t seem to move forward

· As a holding resource if you’re away, and your client needs support

· When virtual therapy isn’t a good fit

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Some details about how we work

At Beachwood, Integrative Equine Therapy (IET) sessions are 90 min long because in 90 min we can get in and out and the work leaving clients in a very safe place.

We can schedule our work together either as individual sessions, or in a retreat like experience we call Intensives. An Intensive is an opportunity to come and work with the horses for 3 – 5 days. An intensive can be especially helpful when a client needs to do some work outside of their everyday lives.

· Our client intakes include an initial interview, baseline measures of anxiety, depression, and stress, and a consultation with the referring clinician if needed.

· In the first session, we determine the spacing of sessions based upon information from the intake and first session and factors such as the client’s perspective on life now, and how often they’re feeling triggered.

· We create an individual program with optimal spacing of sessions for best outcomes.

· We check in regularly with each client and adjust the frequency plan accordingly.

· If referred by a therapist, with a HIPPA release, we provide updates on a regular basis, or at the conclusion of an intensive.

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A few interesting stories

In a second session with the horses, Panda, the horse working with a client who functioned well in her work life, but struggled personally was circling, round and round, about 15 feet away. The client began to describe a part that was like an armadillo… protecting her around the age of 4. As she got to know the part, it softened, revealing the exiled 4 year old. Panda startled and ran to the other end of the field. As the client invited connection, bringing the exiled part into the present, Panda came straight toward her, and gently put his head on her heart and stayed there for the remainder of the session.

The mother of an 8 year old child with a life-threatening illness hadn’t slept more than 2 hours a night since her child was born. After 1 session with the horses, she was able to sleep regularly through the night. It’s now been more than 2 years and she continues to sleep well.

· Anxious to the point of nausea and unable to get out of bed, a failing high school student, after 3 sessions, was able to return to school, attend school regularly, and graduate.

· A veteran who had been diagnosed with TBI, PTSD, and complicated grief, came to Beachwood at the insistence of his wife and caregiver. After six years, despite medications, nightmares and vomiting were not subsiding. His symptoms would spike every year as combat engagement anniversaries, his symptoms would spike. With IET, the intensity of his nightmares decreased, vomiting episodes grew infrequent. His physicians took him off of 5 of 10 medications he was on. Recently, he visited Beachwood reporting that all aspects of his life have remarkably improved and he no longer withdraws with the approach of his anniversaries.

· After a week-long intensive (8 sessions) The mother of a client reported that her daughter had accomplished more in those 5 days working with the horses than she had in a month-long outpatient program at a major medical center in Manhattan.

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