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IFS Institute is thrilled to be expanding our team! We currently have 2 open positions available: Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant to the Chairman and Founder

In Memory of Rich Simon

Dear Friend,


I’m writing to speak for my grieving parts about a terrible loss for myself and for the field of psychotherapy. Rich Simon, the editor or the Psychotherapy Networker, died last week. Some of you will know him as the wild showman who hosted the Networker’s annual conference and was the star of the opening musical extravaganza each year. You can get a sense of his professional contribution from these loving tributes:


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A Tribute and Transition for IFSI CEO Jon Schwartz

I hope you are staying safe and sane as we enter the 6th month of this COVID crisis. I’m writing today to thank my brother Jon for his years of devoted service as CEO of IFSI. As some of you may know we are currently engaged in a search for a new CEO, and before that transition I want to be sure to share with the community all the important ways Jon impacted this organization.  

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Level 3 Graduates - Apply to be a PA in Dick Schwartz’s Level 3 training!

IFS Level 3 trainings now offer a Program Assistant opportunity, the first of which is for the upcoming Level 3 (582) training with IFS Founder, Richard C. Schwartz! The training begins August 16th, and PA applications are due by Sunday, August 2nd. To be eligible you must be a Level 3 graduate and have been a PA in at least one training.