LIVE ONLINE — Finding a Core of Inner Safety, Compassion and Awareness in Uncertain Times


Lama John Makransky and Richard C. Schwartz, PhD.


Wonderwell Mountain Refuge
Live online via Zoom


May 2nd, 2020
9:00 am - 4:30 pm


A Workshop Integrating Internal Family Systems with Practices from Tibetan Buddhism

During this pandemic, we are called to care for ourselves and others. Yet many of us are experiencing feelings of anxiety, fear and unease, feelings that are shared with those around us. Many of us seek a healing way to process these fearful parts of ourselves, so we can become a stable and healing presence for others. In this workshop, Richard Schwartz, developer of the Internal Family Systems Model (IFS), and Lama John Makransky, developer of the Sustainable Compassion Training Model (SCT, adapted from Tibetan Buddhism), explore how practices of IFS and SCT can help us uncover our true Self, a core of inner safety, compassion and awareness that can hold all parts of ourselves and others in the healing, liberating powers of unconditional love and wisdom.

Wonderwell Mountain Refuge strives to offer retreats in a manner that is non-cost prohibitive and inclusive to persons of all means. If the full retreat cost would create an undue financial burden, we encourage persons to apply for scholarship and work-study. Whether one needs to request aid to defer a large or small portion of the cost of a retreat so as not to incur a financial burden, we strive to accommodate you. This link will take you to information about our work-study and scholarship possibilities. 


For information on fees and registration, contact Wonderwell here


For information on fees and registration, contact Wonderwell here