A Retreat Integrating Internal Family Systems with Practices from Tibetan Buddhism


Lama John Makransky and Richard C. Schwartz, PhD.


Wonderwell Mountain Refuge
253 Philbrick Hill Road
Springfield, NH 03748


May 1st - 3rd, 2020
May 1st at 3:00 pm - May 3rd at noon


Have you noticed that, even after years of dedicated and sincere spiritual practice, whole areas of our personalities and lives can remain untouched by the compassion and wisdom described in the spiritual teachings? There is a paradigm shift taking place in both psychology and spiritual practice. It hinges on recognizing that we have not just one personality, but many inner sub-personalities, or parts, whose burdens obscure our access to the qualities and energy of our fuller awareness–our true Self. When we notice these parts of ourselves and how our minds have identified with them, we can learn how to welcome and integrate them into our spiritual life.

In this weekend retreat, Richard Schwartz, developer of the Internal Family Systems Model (IFS), and Lama John Makransky, developer of the Innate Compassion Training Model (ICT, adapted from Tibetan Buddhism), explore how principles and practices of IFS and ICT can help us uncover our true Self, which can hold all parts of ourselves and others in the healing and liberating powers of unconditional compassion and wisdom.


For information on fees and registration, contact: retreats@wonderwellrefuge.org


For information on fees and registration, contact retreats@wonderwellrefuge.org