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Internal Family Systems Therapy - Embodying the Healing Wisdom

Presenters: Richard C. Schwartz & Sarah B. Stewart

For mental-health professionals, therapists experienced with IFS, psychologists, and social workers of all levels, and those new to the model.

The world’s religions teach that there is an untarnished essence within us, a Self from which wisdom, healing, and spiritual energy flow. We rarely experience this Self because it is obscured by self-protective psychological mechanisms, or lost in the fear, pain, and shame of past trauma.

The Internal Family Systems (IFS) model helps you access the Self and bring its natural compassion and confidence into daily life. People who have used IFS report profound shifts in previously constraining feelings and beliefs. IFS introduces you to a detailed map of your psyche, including all subpersonalities and their inner conflicts. The Self then forms healing relationships with each of them.

Whether you want to deepen your skills or do personal work, this program offers the opportunity for transformative inner exploration and learning.


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