From Ancient Wisdom to Contemporary Practice: Integrating Mindfulness and Yoga Practices with Inspiration from LifeForce Yoga® and the Internal Family Systems Model


Liz Brenner, LICSW and Laura Orth, LICSW, 250 hour Kriaplu yoga teacher


​Live on Zoom


October 23, 2020 - 9:00 am to 4:45 pm 

Credits: 6 CEs
Location: ​Live on Zoom                                                                                                               


There is a large cache of yoga practices that can help people who suffer with anxiety, mood issues and trauma reactivity. The tricky part is what works for whom. Another conundrum is how to introduce practices in sessions organically, so the process is collaborative and ultimately helpful to those we serve. There are many good reasons why the people who show up in our offices don’t simply “try this” and solve their own problems quickly and efficiently.  This workshop will help you support client’s accessing their own wisdom and using resources in organic, creative, empowering and spontaneous ways.

Integrating breath work, mindfulness, meditation and yoga in helping relationships requires thoughtfulness and skill. Simple practices will be taught to participants including specific methods to introduce them. We will present a model for integration of new skills in participants' work, increasing the chances of successful assimilation. 

Participants will learn about and practice yogic breathing techniques (pranayama), short meditations and mindfulness tools for self-regulation, mood enhancement, anxiety reduction and self-examination. We will experience the benefits of staying grounded in the present moment, attuning to our bodies and the gifts this can bring to challenges that arise in our role as helpers. You will learn to be more skilled at helping clients use practices in the office and at home. We advocate introducing resources in empowering ways so people can effectively help themselves with mood and relational problems, anxiety and trauma reactivity. 

Particular attention will be paid to sharing learnings from Amy Weintraub’s School of LifeForce Yoga® and principles from Richard Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems Model. The LifeForce Yoga skills we teach are simple to implement evidence-based practices that can be done sitting in a counseling session. We will share ideas from non-dual yoga philosophy that are useful to the healing process.  Principles from the evidence-based practice of IFS therapy will be reviewed, informing the way we introduce practices in collaboration with the client’s own system and beliefs. 

Case application and experiential learning will allow participants to observe and practice implementation with children, adults, couples and families. You will be actively engaged in learning and more skilled at deciding how to integrate new practices in your work. An intentional side effect will be experiencing simple ways to rejuvenate yourself.

​Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will experience and be able to teach minimum of three breathing and other mindfulness/yoga practices to address symptoms of depression, anxiety and trauma reactivity.
  2. Participants will experience and be able to use a minimum of two strategies to help themselves and their clients notice their intentions, their bodies and tolerate emotion in preferred ways.
  3. Participants will learn at least three ideas from yoga philosophy and the Internal Family Systems Model that help to integrate practices successfully in clinical work.

Target Audience

​This learning event is designed for helping professionals including, but not limited to, social workers, psychologists, mental health counselors, marriage & family therapists, and nurses. We design the learning methodology to further develop beginning, intermediate, and advanced helping professionals by supporting improvement of skills for direct practice, supervision, and management positions. People who attend from professions other than those we are able to provide CEs for may request a Certificate of Attendance. 


Live on Zoom


Individual Registration: $140, $130 early registration, received by 2/14/20.
Group Registration: $130 per person for groups of two or more, $125 per person early registration for groups of two or more, received by 2/14/20. Groups must register and pay together to receive the discount.
Members of NEAFAST, Black Therapists Rock, National Association of Black Counselors and all BIPOC clinicians may access a discounted rate of $120. Please contact us for discount codes. No application is required.


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