Trainings Impacted by COVID-19

We realize there are many questions from those impacted by the transition of our scheduled trainings to the online format. Below you'll find answers to many FAQs

COVID-19 Response FAQs

When will I know if my training is going online?

Currently IFS training sessions remaining in 2020 will meet online using the Zoom platform.  This includes training sessions that are part of trainings that have already begun, as well as trainings that have not begun yet. 

We feel that it’s important for us to provide at least 60 days notice to all of you for each scheduled training session so that you aren’t faced with ongoing uncertainty and can make your plans accordingly.  For training sessions scheduled beyond 2020 we will make determinations depending on “facts on the ground” but again, we’ll provide at least 60 days notice in the event that future sessions need to move online as well.

I am concerned about the security of Zoom for my trainings

We understand as Zoom has swelled in popularity there have been many articles detailing some security concerns about the platform. Over the weekend of April 4th, Zoom made many security features our organization was already implementing default. 

You can see their helpful video HERE.

  • Waiting Rooms.   All meetings have them.  IFS Institute provides a Zoom tech for each training to admit each person into the meeting. 
  • Passwords.  All participants using just the meeting ID will also now need to know the password.  URL links include them.

In addition to what Zoom has done:

  • IFS Institute does not actually post the meeting ID publicly anywhere so people do not have access to that meeting ID.  It goes out in an email shortly before the training begins to only staff and participants.  (Potential bombers would have to guess it and the password)
  • We don't allow participants to share their screen at all during our trainings.  Only the training staff (co-hosts) can do that.
  • All of the IFS Institute accounts have ZERO ABILITY TO RECORD.  There's been some talk about Zoom having access to recordings that are stored in their cloud.  The master settings on the accounts are set for no recording of any kind.  There will never be a recording that Zoom could access because of this.
  • We do allow removed participants to rejoin as it has happened that people were removed accidentally and had to be let back in but this would send the person into the waiting room.

Are you still considering scholarship applications?

Yes. If an application is already pending, it will be considered. We also will still accept new applications. Please view the Scholarship application here. 

The scholarship application deadline information is on the form.  Applicants must complete the IFS Institute Scholarship Application and submit it to IFS Institute in order to be considered for a scholarship. A scholarship awarded to a participant for one training program does not automatically transfer to another training program.

Will my training schedule change?

No. The schedule will remain the same as is published in your trainings brochure.

Please note that all daily schedules on training website brochures are listed in the time zone of the training’s on-site locale.  This means that everyone in a training needs to account for this for their online training sessions.   For example, a training scheduled to begin at 9:00 am in Minnesota will begin at 9:00 am Minnesota time (CT), which means that someone who is doing the training while in New York (EST) needs to adjust for that time zone difference. 

Will there be a completely online Level 1 Training?

At this time we are working to bring our scheduled sessions online for existing programs. These unprecedented world events may fast track the creation of a fully online IFS Level 1 Training, but that will take some time to develop. We will keep the community posted.