IFS-I Approved Clinical Consultants

IFS-I Approved Clinical Consultants support individuals who are gaining consultation hours towards IFS Certification or IFS re-certification.

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The process to become an Approved IFS-I Clinical Consultant is still being formalized. At this time, pre-requisites are as follows:

  • Certification as an IFS Certified Therapist (Tied to active licensure in your field and active Certification status. If your IFS-I Therapist Certification lapses, your IFS-I Approved Clinical Consultant designation also lapses.)
  • Clinical consultation experience in your field OR extensive PA experience (4+ completed trainings as a PA.)
  • Letter of recommendation from an IFS-I Lead Trainer (They can email to us directly at [email protected]. Individuals typically form relationships with Lead Trainers through PA experience.)
  • Minimum 3 years since the date of completion of your Level 1 Training

The formal application is now live! Reviews for the designation are happening on a quarterly basis. Please email [email protected] for next steps if you meet all pre-requisites. Requirement exceptions are not made at this time to maintain standards for all interested individuals.

If you're interested in our Trainer Track for individuals that wish to teach the foundations of IFS, that is a separate track and you can learn more here: https://ifs-institute.com/trainer-career-path