Internal Family Systems (IFS) Treatment for PTSD and Comorbid Conditions: A Pilot Study

Authors: Hilary Hodgdon, Ph.D., Frank G. Anderson, M.D., Elizabeth Southwell, B.A., Wendy Hrubec, LICSW, Richard Schwartz, Ph.D.

This pilot study had remarkable results. Of the thirteen subjects who were diagnosed with PTSD and completed the 16 sessions of IFS, only 1 still qualified for the diagnosis at the end of the study and at the one-month follow-up. That is, 92% of the participants no longer met the PTSD criteria, which translates into a huge effect size of -4.46. In addition, there were significant decreases in depression, affect dysregulation, dissociation, disrupted self-perception, interpersonal relationships, and systems of meaning.

Based on these promising results we are planning a larger randomized control study of IFS and PTSD