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2011 Internal Family Systems Conference - Plenary 1

Bringing Peace to Inner and Outer Worlds

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The Buddha as an IFS Therapist Flint Sparks, PhD Siddhartha Gautama was interested in one fundamental question: How can we truly understand human suffering and how can we help end suffering for all beings? Through dedicating his entire life to spiritual practice he eventually had a shattering insight that resolved this question. In doing so, he became the Buddha, the Enlightened One. He taught what he had discovered and suggested that his followers engage in meditation practices to demonstrate, by their own experience, that liberation of the human heart and mind was possible. As IFS practitioners, we share this core question of the Buddha: How can we find freedom from unnecessary suffering for ourselves and for others? What if the Buddha had used the language of IFS? How would his teachings have sounded? Please join us in sharing the resonance of these transformative teachings and the profound possibility inherent in each. The Way of Radical Compassion: The Spiritual Paths of Jesus and IFS Frank Rogers, PhD Contrary to historical development, Jesus did not intend to found a religion. He was a spiritual teacher who taught a profoundly transformative path of personal healing and social restoration. At the core of his spiritual path was a vision of radical compassion rooted in contemplative encounters with an all-inclusive compassionate Source and embodied in compassionate action that extends toward all—one’s self, one’s neighbor, even one’s enemies—in ways that invite interpersonal healing and accountable reconciliation. The spiritual path of Jesus is profoundly harmonious with the spiritual path of IFS. This plenary summarizes the mutually enhancing connections between them.

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