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2015 Internal Family Systems Conference

Bringing Self-Leadership to the Conflict in the Middle East

Can IFS Help Release the Obstacles to Middle East Peace?

Over the past decade, Dick Schwartz has collaborated with groups of Israeli Arab and Jewish leaders to find new ways to dialogue about the conflict between them and to identify and release the burdens that inevitably arise in that process. In this talk, Dick discusses these issues and references the work to illustrate the process. Bringing More Self-Leadership to the Conflict in the Middle East takes a deeper look at how IFS can go into the realm of conflict transformation in the Middle East. For this session, Dick invited the leaders of IFS-Israel, Together Beyond Words and a Palestinian activist to present their experiences.

We also learn how combining IFS and Playback Theater is helping to heal traumatized communities. This is a lively discussion, which focuses on where the conflict is today, the main challenges they are facing, what possible solutions might look like in transforming the conflict, and next steps.

Also included are two powerful and groundbreaking videos of Dick's work with a Palestinian man and an Israeli woman. These compelling demonstrations illustrate the power of legacy burdens along with the impact of living in traumatized communities, yet still leave the viewer with inspiration and a sense of hope amidst such intractable conflict.

2 DVD Set
Run time 3 hours, 37 minutes
$12.50 USD