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2015 Internal Family Systems Conference - IFS Research

Research and Foundation Update

Over the past decade, Dick Schwartz has collaborated with groups of Israeli Arab and Jewish leaders to find new ways to dialogue about the conflict between them and to The Foundation’s first fully funded research study! The Trauma Center at JRI and a team of IFS practitioners conducted a pilot intervention study examining the effectiveness of IFS for complex trauma as well as for improving body awareness and self-compassion. Learn more about how IFS is an evidence-based practice, deemed to show significant impact on outcomes relating to mental health.

What’s New and Exciting in IFS: Research and Foundation Update Frank Anderson, MD & Hilary Hodgden, PhD

Parts Work in MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Research, Further Validation of the IFS Model Michael Mithoefer, MD
FDA approved Phase II Clinical Trials have shown that MDMA (“Ecstasy”), used as a catalyst to psychotherapy, can lead to resolution of PTSD symptoms in previously treatment resistant patients. The most recent study, in veterans, firefighters, and police officers, has tracked the occurrence and extent of parts work in MDMA-assisted sessions and its correlation with PTSD outcomes.

69 minutes
$6.50 USD