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2016 Internal Family Systems Conference - Streaming

All Parts Are Welcome: A Work in Progress

If we were all fully Self-led, all parts and people would be welcome. One quality of Self is connectedness--not only the desire to connect, but in-our-bones knowledge that we are all connected, so when one of us suffers, we all suffer. The problem is that we all have burdened parts who shrink our circle of caring to those who are like us in some way and judge those who aren't. While IFS helps us expand that circle, most of us are still challenged, for example, when it comes to groups that we think are creating injustice in the world.

In this year's opening session, Dick Schwartz explores the nature of "all parts are welcome" and invites us to explore the parts of us that keep our hearts closed to those we judge, whether clients, members of the IFS community, family members, or political gurus. We might also find that we have exiled the parts of us that resemble those people. Then, if with the clarity of Self, we see that others are indeed creating harm, what does it look like to challenge them from this connected sense of Self? Are we willing to examine our own blind spots where we might also be causing harm? Together we will explore this year's theme "All Parts Are Welcome"?

The Power of IFS in the Pace of Marginalization Percy Ballard, MD; Julie Honeycutt, MMFT, NCC, LMHC, LPC; Kate Lingren, LICSW; Derek Scott, RSW; Mary Steege, MDiv, LMFT; and Grace Anne Stevens, MA

We'll hear from Derek Scott and Kate Lingren, who will invite us into an experience to bear witness to the coming-out process for LGBT-identified people. Dr. Percy Ballard will share from his experience as an African American psychiatrist coming through a white majority professional culture one of very few African American professionals in the IFS community. We will also hear from Grace Anne Stevens, who will share her transgender journey through the prism of IFS and the parts of others she has encountered along the way. And finally, we'll hear from Mary Steege and Julie Honeycutt. Mary is a therapist and Presbyterian minister. Julie is a therapist and the wife of a priest in the Eastern Orthodox tradition. They will be sharing experiences of judgment and rejection from within the IFS community--the hurts, the healing, and the potential for social change that comes when we bring Self energy to the painful, parts-led polarizations that form around religious burdens.

Reflections on "All Parts Are Welcome" Richard Schwartz, PhD with Percy Ballard, MD; Julie Honeycutt, MMFT, NCC, LMHC, LPC; Kate Lingren, LICSW; Mary Steege, MDiv, LMFT; and Grace Anne Stevens, MA

In this final session of the conference, you will hear from each of this weekend's plenary speakers as they reflect personally and dialogue about what it was like to share and listen to each other. In addition, you will be invited to explore the parts of you that arose during the conference and share the intentions of visions which come to you for creating a world -- and an IFS community -- in which all parts are truly welcome.


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