Bring Yourself to Love - 2nd Edition

How Couples Can Turn Disconnection Into Intimacy

Second Edition With New Chapter for IFS Therapists. Multiple prize winning Bring Yourself to Love, helps you and your clients bring Self energy to couple relationships. Using clear examples, images, exercises, and explanations, readers learn:

If it's intense it's your own Exiles and Firefighters affect relationships.

How to give better back and bring Self energy to your relationship.

How to keep choice alive.

How to give feedback.
Two new chapters teach the three things that work in a fight and how to take the 30 day challenge. Lastly, an all new, 66 page chapter, just for IFS therapists, provides an overview of IFS couples therapy, the 10 steps in IFS couples therapy, red flags for couples therapy, and how to deal with affairs.


Soft Cover
$17.00 USD