Youniverse Feeling Wheel

YOU've got the whole IFS symbolical world in your and your clients' hands with the YOUniverse Feeling Wheel featuring a Big Bright Ball "YOU" at the Center-Core emanating Self energy to its surrounding Parts(24 attachable magnetic color balls)-Managers on the inside ring, Firefighters on the middle ring and Exiles on the outer ring.  Parts can "slide to the side" on the rings or go to the "waiting room"(horizontal bar) to allow Self's access to target Parts. The horizontal bar can also be used for "in the room" containment techniques to support Self's work with Parts whose burdens might overwhelm.


A Guide to Integrating the Youniverse in Therapy

The Big Bright Ball Answers the Call (English) 

La Bola Grande y Gloriosa Responde a la Llamada 

Feeling Faces Accessory

$99.00 USD