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Compassionate Mediation

For Relationships at a Crossroad

“Families need not be broken, but can be peacefully and respectfully restructured.” Linda Kroll

Compassionate Mediation® For Relationships at a Crossroad: Add Passion to Your Marriage or Compassion to Your Divorce. iss an IFS-based process to help individuals and couples resolve conflict from their highest SELF.

Linda Kroll, an IFS therapist (for over 30 years), mediator, and attorney shares her transformational process to assist clients to create a new and better relationship together — or to pursue a respectful and peaceful separation or divorce.

In his review of the book, Richard Schwartz said,

“Divorce brings out the worst in us and often leaves lasting scars. Linda Kroll is a master at lifting divorcing couples out of their narrow protective perspectives. They then learn the larger lessons from their relationships and proceed based on the best interests of all involved. This is relationship healing at its best.”

More than marriage counseling and more than divorce mediation, Compassionate Mediation® provides a safe forum to heal past wounds, discuss all issues, learn legal and financial information, and have SELF-led discussions for the benefit of all concerned.

Sometimes the willingness to consider what an ending may look like provides an impetus to create a new beginning – together. Or if they decide to part, a couple could pursue a peaceful and respectful SELF-Led Divorce®.

If you are a therapist, mediator, attorney, coach or clergy, you can add Compassionate Mediation® Tools to your practice now.

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Soft Cover
249 pages
$18.00 USD