A Therapist's Guide to KidsWorld Inside & Out

Psychotherapeutic Board Game

A Therapist's Guide to KidsWorld Inside and Out A Therapist’s Guide to KidsWorld Inside and Out helps clinicians to optimally use this Psychotherapeutic Board Game for emotional healing.
By using this Guide, therapists are able to access the inner world of children as well as explore the experience of their family, school, peer group and larger societal contexts. The Guide and Game are based on The Internal Family Systems Model, which emphasizes a non-pathologizing approach to human nature and emotional survival. Exercises in Mindfulness and many other coping strategies geared for kids are included.
The Guide and Game bring a potency to child therapy sessions by constructing a microcosm of the world of youngsters while celebrating the Creativity, Confidence and Compassion of Self—all while having fun!


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Soft Cover
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