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7 Keys to Connection

How to Move Beyond the Physical and Emotional Trauma of a Disconnected Culture

How deeply ingrained is shame and trauma in the very fabric of modern culture? How pervasive is Developmental Trauma that it has infiltrated a greater percentage of all “normal” families for as long as we know….. the effects of which include depression, anxiety, addiction, loneliness, and chronic health or behavioral issues?

7 Keys to Connection addresses the cultural underpinnings of disconnection, as well as an organized full bodied path to move beyond it.
The 7 Keys spell out the core transformational elements needed to be part of any full bodied healing journey. IFS is infiltrated into this path with clear and understandable language, making this book a perfect accompaniment to your work.
We are all hard wired to want love and belonging, as well as health and creative freedom. IFS along with the 7 Keys come together artfully to create a top down/bottom up – spirit/soul path that can and have us and our clients achieve these deeply held needs….and a life fully worth living!

Soft Cover
$17.95 USD