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The Little Book of Self Leadership

For all the people who believe they are this 'sort of person', and wonder why, with some types of people, in certain situations, they become someone else? This pithy little book is for you.
For example, Part of you is reading this book right now, while another Part is probably thinking about all the other things you could be doing. Most of us live our lives unaware of which Part of us is taking the lead at any one particular time.

This book will give you the opportunity to connect with your inner Parts and (re)establish your Self as their leader. This shift in viewing your inner world as comprising 'Self' and 'Parts' is seismic and transformational.
The book is thus divided into two sections. Section 1: Getting to Know Your Inner Family, introduces you to the different members of your inner family, aka your inner 'Parts'.
Section 2: The Self Leadership Journey, takes you and your inner Parts on a journey of personal healing and growth developed by Richard Schwartz . To bring this journey to life, I've chosen an example of a person who has Parts that are driven to succeed, and yet remembers the discomfort of failing, and fears failing again.
You'll notice that the pages of this book are intended to be read in pairs. In the printed book, the left hand pages have poem-like accounts and instructions on how you can grow your Parts' trust in your Self Leadership. If all of this sounds too abstract, then you'll find everyday examples on the right-hand side pages.
So we hope you enjoy transforming your relationships with your Parts and the people around you. Because with a team of Self Led Parts within you, you'll find your life flows and fulfills. Without that inner friction, you'll have more energy to build supportive relationships with people around you. And that makes achieving what you want that much easier and enjoyable. Here's to contributing to a Self Led World of calm curiosity, clarity, compassion, connectedness, creativity, courage and confidence.

Soft Cover
$16.99 USD