The Process

A Technique for Using Drawing and Journaling to Understand Your Inner “Self”

The companion book to: Froggie’s Mysterious Dream How I Found Myself in My Drawings This book will guide you through a simple and playful process of self-discovery. It starts out with suggestions and helpful direction on how to get the most out of this book.

Each chapter has two parts. The first part, “Creating Your Own Artwork”, is basically doodling whatever you feel like. This is where the inner parts of your personality communicate with you so that you can see what they want you to know.
The second part, “Your Journal”, is where you write down anything that comes to mind about your art piece. A form of doodling with words. This will help you to translate the artistic symbols into words so you get a sense of what the artwork means to you. Similar to understanding the symbols in dreams.

Soft Cover
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