The IFS Parent Manual:

Internal Family Systems to Build Your Child’s School and Life Success

Parenting today is not easy. Parents and children face tough demands. School work today is hard. Children are required to master harder and harder content in earlier and earlier grades. Children today need excellent understanding, reading, writing, problem solving, persistence and memorization skills. However, many children today are lacking in the skills needed for success. Many children today have emotional, behavior, social and learning barriers that get in the way of school and life success. Today’s pressures lead children to feel upset, insecure, angry, shamed and anxious. IFS to the rescue. IFS is an amazing tool for helping children succeed and parents to be less stressed and more effective. The IFS Parent and IFS Teacher Manuals are complementary tools for guiding parents and teachers in the use of IFS with their children and students. Dr. Richard Schwartz states: “I am thrilled by the way that Rodger Goddard has translated the principles and techniques of the Internal Family Systems model (IFS) of psychotherapy into these wonderful manuals. It has been a dream of mine that someone would bring my life’s work to education. I knew that if children learned this new loving and healing way of understanding and relating to themselves, their lives would be much better. Similarly, if teachers knew practical ways to maintain an open-hearted, excited presence when they taught, their classrooms would be enticing learning environments and they wouldn’t burn out. Now Rodger and other colleagues are making that dream come true. His manuals are highly user-friendly — full of clear, simple language and lovely illustrations, all professionally organized. They also offer experiential exercises that bring the work to life and allow users to integrate the practice into their daily interactions with the world. I feel honored that someone with his background and success undertook this project of bringing this empowering, practical paradigm to teachers and children and that he has done such an amazing job.”

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