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The IFS Parent Manual:

Using Internal Family Systems to Build Your Child’s School and Life Success

SOLD OUT!! Parenting today is not easy. Parents and children face tough demands. School work today is hard. Children are required to master harder and harder content in earlier and earlier grades. Children today need excellent understanding, reading, writing, problem solving, persistence and memorization skills. However, many children today are lacking in the skills needed for success. The myriad emotions that our children deal today with are the greatest barrier to their academic and life success. When children are overcome by their fight, flight, freeze, stress and emotional responses, their higher brain functions shut down. The manual helps you help your child to not be taken over by their parts, frustrations, distraction, boredom, moods and states that get in the way of learning. Many children today have emotional, behavior, social and learning barriers that get in the way of school and life success. Today’s pressures lead children to feel upset, insecure, angry, shamed and anxious. IFS to the rescue. IFS is an amazing tool for helping children succeed and parents to be less stressed and more effective. The IFS Parent and IFS Teacher Manuals are complementary tools for guiding parents and teachers in the use of IFS with their children and students.

IFS is a fueling station for parents and children. Parenting is often overwhelming and difficult. The manual enables parents and children to learn the IFS model. IFS helps strengthen a child’s resilience, emotional intelligence, problem solving, focus, persistence, inner self and concentration skills. IFS builds a child’s Positive Wise Smart Core Self. IFS helps parents to feel less stressed and guide their children in positive ways. Parents using IFS can return to a relaxed, enjoyable and self-refueling state throughout the day by using Self Led, rather than Parts Led, parenting. Parents using IFS are able to strengthen their child’s confidence, work ethic and success skills. The manual can be used directly by parents to learn how to use IFS to enrich their lives and child’s success skills or by therapists helping parents to use this wonderful life changing approach with their children

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