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The IFS Teacher Manual:

A Training Handbook for Using Internal Family Systems to Improve Teacher Effectiveness and Student Success

Students today have emotional, behavioral, social and learning barriers that get in the way of school and life success. Teachers today are overworked and overstressed. IFS to the rescue. IFS is an amazing tool for helping students succeed and teachers to be more effective and less stressed. This IFS Manual provides teachers with the tools for using IFS to decrease their stress, overcome the most important student barriers to learning, and enjoy teaching more deeply. The manual strengthens student access to their Core Self. The manual contains worksheets and lesson plans to guide teachers and students step by step in creating a Self Led School District. The myriad emotions that students deal with are the greatest barrier to their academic success. When students are overcome by their fight, flight, freeze, stress and emotional responses, higher brain functions shut down. The manual helps students learn how to not be taken over by their parts, frustrations, distraction, boredom, moods and states that get in the way of learning. Students build their capacity to be ready for learning, joyful, curious, investigative, eager to discover and take in new information. The Manual gives teachers the tools for overcoming the 10,000 difficult things about teaching. When teachers can identify the parts that take them over during the day, and view student parts with curiosity and care, rather than falling into negative reactive states, teachers discover the joy of teaching once again.

The IFS Teacher and IFS Parent Manuals are complementary tools for guiding teachers and parents in the use of IFS with their students and children. The manual helps students build the most important skills needed for school and life success. The manual can be used directly by teachers and school districts to implement a Self Led Learning Environment or by workshop leaders, therapists and trainers to instruct school staff and teachers in this wonderful life changing approach. The book is a guide for creating schools that value all teacher and student parts and elevate the importance of our Core Selves.

Soft Cover
$69.00 USD