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2014 IFS Conference - No Part Left Behind

This 2 dvd set captures some "not to be missed" highlights from the 2014 IFS Conference. These include: Bringing IFS to the Inner City Jody Nelson, EdD, LMFT; Jennifer Ramji, MA, LMFT; Lisa Xiong, MA, LMFT; and Corey Byrd

This plenary provided a showcase for the exciting and innovative work of Jody and her team who are bringing IFS to youth and families in inner-city Minneapolis through schools in the Twin Cities. In addition to sharing their experiences of doing IFS with diverse and poor clients, they describe how they also change the culture in the schools through training teachers and staff in IFS; create school-wide, Self-led interventions; and collaborate with community cultural specialists to impact inner-city communities.

The Physiology of IFS Dr. Matthew S. Goodwin, Dr. Anthony Zorsos, James Hopper, PhD., Richard Palumbo, Dr. Frank Anderson, Richard Schwartz, PhD.

IFS clients and therapists are aware of the palpable physiological shifts they experience during sessions – the embodied sense of calm and confidence when parts relax and Self emerges, the sudden lightness that accompanies unburdening, and the various ways that parts show up in the body.

What if it were possible to measure and reflect on these changes as they happen in sessions? What if we could measure the physiological resonance between therapist and client and discover how physiological coupling and uncoupling predict internal transformation? What if we could develop new technologies to help therapists monitor whether they or their clients are in Self?

These are the questions that a group of interdisciplinary researchers have been exploring in regular meetings over the past year. This plenary presented their thinking and methods as well as a live demonstration that showcased these promising technologies.

Does IFS Revolutionize Aspects of Trauma Treatment? Richard Schwartz, PhD, and Bessel van der Kolk, MD

In this first-ever post-conference Institute, Dick and Bessel explore the similarities and differences between IFS and traditional trauma treatments.

This was a unique and wonderful opportunity for Dick and Bessel to discuss treatment approaches, current research, show video of work with clients, and reflect on personal and professional experiences, Moments of both humor and serious debate illustrate their mutual respect as well as commitmentand and contributions to the field of trauma work. Includes captioning.

Running time 4 hours, 20 minutes
$15.50 USD