Living From My Centered Self -Volume 2

An IFS Wisom Journal - Vol 2

Creativity and Courage: The IFS Wisdom Journal was created to help IFS clients, therapists, and coaches experience a Self-led life!  The IFS Wisdom #2 Journal invites you to develop a daily soul practice of exploring your parts with compassionate attention. It accomplishes this task by engaging in daily questions and explorations of Self and parts, along with structured weekly and monthly reflections. The theme of each of the four volumes is based on two of the 8 Characteristics of Self.  The affirmations and daily questions in volume 2 assists you in connecting more deeply with your creativity and courage.  This volume also offers you the opportunity to reflect on your deepest passions, focusing on the ways in which your inner systems helps or hinders you in bringing them to fruition.


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Vol 2
224 pages
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