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Internal Family Systems Level 1 Training Manual

This manual is available for purchase by IFS LEVEL 1 GRADUATES only. To purchase please email [email protected]

IFS Institute is the sole provider of official Internal Family Systems trainings. This training manual is intended only for participants of Level 1 for use during the training and personal reference, and for alumni who have acquired a copy directly from the IFS Institute. No portion may be reproduced or distributed without advance written permission from the Institute.

For Your Safety and the Safety of Others: Please be aware that while the IFS Model is intuitive, flexible, and transformative, the nature of the psyche is complex, and misuse of the approach can cause unwanted harm. For this reason, the IFS Institute asks that you do not distribute or share this manual with friends or colleagues or attempt to teach the Model, which you are now just beginning to learn. Instead, we ask that you refer others to the IFS Institute for more information about workshops, books, trained IFS therapists, and other online materials available. Safe and effective clinical practice of IFS requires at minimum the successful completion of Level 1 training, which is available only through the IFS Institute. Thank you.

192 Pages, Spiral bound.
$95.00 USD