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The Elusive Self:

Reflections of an Internal Family Systems Therapist

A Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist who is an AMHCA Diplomate with expertise in the treatment of Trauma and Addictions brings a background in philosophy, theology and psychology to his reflections on spiritual perspectives related to the human experience of the Elusive SELF at the center of human multiplicity manifesting in, by, and through Psyche and Soma. He refers to James, Freud, Jung, Spinoza, Lear, Mystical Judaism, Affect Regulation Theory, literature, alchemy, Somatic Psychotherapy, and other sources to grapple with the concept and the central role of the SELF in IFS therapy. The author invites a conversation with a practical spirituality that promotes a SELF-led healing engagement for the life of the individual, the community and the the world at this liminal historical moment.

276 pages
ISBN 9781652406136
$24.95 USD