Online (858): Eastern Time Zone (Nickname: Bison Canyons)

PLEASE NOTE: This training is only for legal residents of Canada who currently live in Canada and have a Canadian mailing address.

  • This training will be conducted entirely and only in English. Fluency in spoken and written English is required, and services for translation, interpretation, or transcription into other languages will not be provided.
  • Continuing Education credit is not available for this training.

The Informational Brochure linked to this page contains essential information: 

  • Dates & Daily Schedules, Tuition & Finances, CE Credit, and more!



2023: September 28 - October 1, October 18, November 2-5, November 15, November 30 - December 3


Lead Trainer: Fran Booth, LICSW, IFS Certified

Assistant Trainer: Jenny Fiebig, LPC, IFS Certified

Assistant Trainer Mentee: Risa Adams, MD, CCFP, IFS Certified


This training meets online.

Enrollment Closed

Online (858): Eastern Time Zone (Nickname: Bison Canyons)

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