International Partners

IFS Institute is grateful to the partners listed below to bring official IFS Level 1, 2 and 3 Trainings to their countries. 


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Headshot of Simon d'Orsogna MA

Simon d'Orsogna MA

Since 2013 I have brought IFS to the Australian and New Zealand region through workshops, lectures and training events. As a systemic family therapist IFS makes deep sense, and I bring a clinical and a personal understanding to sharing the model in this part of the world. The growing community of IFS practitioners in ANZ is supported by IFSI trainers and committed assistant teams bringing the official training to the wider region. 



Headshot of Marie Capron a women in her late 50s with short brown hair and glasses

Marie Capron

Certified IFS practitioner and L3 trained, I accompany each person in the discovery and richness of their inner system with loving kindness to open a space and a relationship between the Self, the essence that animates each person at the deepest level of their being, and each part of themselves. I integrate IFS with my spiritual journey to offer the possibility of living with authenticity, in harmony and alignment. As an IFSI partner, I organize and assist level 1 and 2 IFS training courses in France and internationally

Headshot of Nadine Faingold a women in her sixties with short brown hair

Nadine Faingold

With a PHD in science of education and as an IFS practitioner trained level 3, I am passionate about IFS as a model of human emotional dynamics. Since more than 15 years, I contribute to promote IFS in the French-speaking world as a member of IFS-association board and as IFSI International Partner. My background and strong experience in training the trainers at University is an asset to organize trainings in France and to empower new PAs. In continuation of a research with social workers and nurses about « The impact of emotions in professional practice », I have created a methodology of « Emotional mapping » as an introduction to the IFS model.


Headshot of Osnat Arbel

Osnat Arbel

Osnat (Ossi) Arbel, PhD, LMFT is a Lead Trainer in Israel. As the Co-founder of the Israeli Institute for IFS she is training, supervising, and facilitating groups while living the IFS model both personally and professionally. In her private practice she provides IFS-based therapy for individuals, couples, and families. Dr. Arbel is an AAMFT Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor currently dividing her time between Israel, and Colorado. In Israel she is teaching MFT courses at Tel-Aviv University and Tel-Hai Academic College and supervising MFT practicum courses. In Colorado she holds an Assistant Professor appointment at Argosy University/Denver campus, teaching at the Counseling and MFT programs. 

Headshot of Einat Bronstein

Einat Bronstein

Einat Avni Bronstein, MSW, graduated from Law school in Tel Aviv University, Israel, and earned her Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work at Washington University, USA. Einat is an experienced psychotherapist with over 30 years of clinical experience with individuals, couples, families, and groups. She has lived and worked with IFS since the early days of the model, and learned closely and directly from the IFS founder Dr. Richard Schwartz. Einat is a certified IFS therapist, a certified supervisor and a Senior International Lead Trainer for IFSI, leading Level 1,2 and 3 trainings.

Einat is also the co-founder and co-director of The Israeli Institute for IFS who brought IFS to Israel and trained hundreds of Israeli therapists in the model since 2008. She taught family and couples therapy in Tel Aviv University, presented multiple times at the IFS Annual Conference and led IFS trainings, seminars and workshops all over the world. Einat is married, has 4 children, one grandchild and lives in Israel.


Headshot of Michael Pasterski

Michal Pasterski

Michał is a Certified IFS Practitioner from Poland. He is the founder and CEO of Life Architect and IFS Poland. He has been bringing IFS to Poland since 2018. His personal interests focus on somatic psychotherapy and working with plant teachers. As a father of two daughters, he loves growing as a parent and learns a lot from this journey. 


Headshot of Anibal Henriques

Anibal Henriques

Aníbal Henriques has been a psychotherapist since the 1980s and has been training psychologists to become psychotherapists since the 1990s. He has completely devoted himself to the Internal Family Systems model since 2017, finding it the most compassionate and potent way to work with severe trauma after extensive training in multiple therapeutic modalities. An International Partner for IFS-I since 2018, he has introduced the Model to Portuguese and Brazilian psychotherapists. He has also published, translated, and revised IFS material into Portuguese, including “Innovations and Elaborations in IFS”, “No Bad Parts”, and the L1 Manual. Aníbal created the popular IFS Talks Podcast, which is now being adapted into a book by Eleftheria.


Headshot of Marina Travkova

Marina Travkova

MFT, Sex-therapist

Headshot of Maria Moskova

Maria Moskova

I am a psychologist, family systemic psychotherapist with more than 20 years of experience. I am a co-founder of IFS Russia. I became acquainted with IFS in 2015, after reading Richard Schwartz’s book (at that time the only one translated into Russian) and realized that I had finally found “my” approach. In 2018 I completed Level 1 in Sheffield, UK. Since then I have completed several Levels 2 and a Level 3. The first Level 1 was passed in Russia in 2020. Now the community of IFS therapists in Russia is growing and developing.

South Korea

Headshot of John Gil

John Gil

John provides the organizational and administrative support for IFS Korea. Before founding IFS Korea, John worked as an institutional stockbroker for several Wall Street firms in New York, including his own brokerage firm. After the tragic Sewol Ferry incident in 2014, which claimed the lives of over 300 high schoolers and deeply affected the Korean population, John began collaborating with Dr. Kwon to organize the Integrative Trauma Therapies Seminar, during which Dr. Kwon taught trauma-focused therapies, including IFS. This collaboration enabled John and Dr. Kwon to establish a network of Korean therapists, laying the groundwork for the establishment of IFS Korea. John underwent training in the Internal Family Systems model for personal development, gaining deeper insight into understanding himself and others. This enlightenment fostered deeper bonds in both his internal and external realms. With a firm belief in IFS, John together with Dr. Kwon took on the role of IFS training organizers, dedicated to planting the roots of IFS in Korea and broader Asia. John holds a master's degree from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. He is happily committed to cultivating more Self energy and bringing positive impacts in societies through IFS.

Headshot of HeaKyung Kwon

HeaKyung Kwon

Dr. HeaKyung Kwon is a licensed psychoanalyst and creative arts therapist in New York with more than 25 years of experience. As a trauma therapist, she has been trained in many different treatment modalities such as IFS, EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, AEDP and the Theory of Structural Dissociation. Among all these approaches, IFS has become the foundation of her work. She received her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Music Therapy from NYU, and her Certificate in Psychoanalysis from the National Institute for the Psychotherapies in New York City. On top of serving a wide range of clients in her private practice and supervising therapists, she has been teaching extensively and conducting workshops on trauma and IFS. She was born and raised in Korea and moved to the US as an adult. She currently resides in both New Jersey and South Korea with her husband and two daughters. She loves bridging the two cultures and enriching both through a deep understanding shaped by her lived experience. She is also a Korea IFS training organizer and dedicated to planting the roots of IFS in Korea and Asia.


Headshot of Imma Lloret

Imma Lloret

Discovering IFS was transformative for her life feeling that she had found what her soul was longing for. Her mission became bringing the training to the Spanish speaking audience. In 2016 she co-founded the Instituto IFS with Pilar de la Torre making her dream come true. Imma works as a Psychotherapist and is Lead Trainer teaching the model to the Spanish speaking community around the world. Imma can be reach via email at [email protected].

Headshot of Pilar de la Torre

Pilar de la Torre

After some years of intense work for the Madrid Regional Authority as a psychologist, and with more than 30 year experience in personal counselling, training and team management in different fields, I currently collaborate as an international partner along with Imma Lloret as the Director of the IFS Institute in Madrid. My aim is to provide training and supervision especially to Spanish speaking professionals who want to develop personal growth and hone their skills through IFS and help them explore and work on the internal relationship between parts of a person's psyche to promote healing and emotional integration. 

United Kingdom

headshot of Nicola Hollings

Nicola Hollings

It has been a great honour to be part of the team that bought IFS to the UK in 2013. Since then I have organised IFS training's and encouraged the growth of IFS community within the UK. More recently it has been a pleasure to support other countries getting started on their IFS journeys.