About IFS Training Programs

IFS Institute offers progressive levels of training in Internal Family Systems, from beginning (Level 1) through advanced (Level 3).  As a participant in these trainings you will learn both IFS theory and technique, thus gaining the knowledge and skills you need to understand and actively use IFS with individuals, couples, children, families, and groups.

Interest in IFS trainings is high and growing!  We know that demand currently outpaces supply, and are working to organize more trainings than ever before.   If you'd like us to email you when a new training becomes available, please add your name to interest lists here, and if you're specifically interested in an online Level 1, please be sure to add your name to the Online Level 1 interest list.

In order to help people who would like to apply for a training: 

•    Application form questions are available for review on our FAQ page.

•    Due to the popularity of IFS trainings, we use a lottery system to determine who can apply.  Please see each new training’s webpage for details.

•    We email the relevant website interest list when a new training becomes available.