I found that the IFS model came alive for me during the Level 1 training.  I deepened not only with working with some of my more vulnerable parts, but I became more confident in working with my client's parts.

K. McNamara

Working with IFS offers a profound opportunity for healing - for the therapist's Self as well as for our clients.  The strength of this training program lies in the live demonstrations and ample supervised small group practice sessions.

V. Ainsworth

This training not only deepened my understanding of IFS, but also of my clients and my Self.  I now love and appreciate my clients’ protective parts as well as my own.  Doing therapy is now coming right from my heart!

Susie Melnick

Clear, thorough instruction; safe, supportive learning environment; caring trainers and staff; very effective model for personal and professional application.

G. Bader

IFS has been the single most influential model by which I view the world, my interactions with others and myself.  It is more than a model for professionals in the mental health field. It is a model that facilitates one's personal growth and is intuitive and easily accessible.  It is applicable and versatile for a myriad of contexts including corporate teams and school classrooms.

E. Bank

IFS enhanced my spiritual practice in ways I could not have foreseen.  I expanded my meditation to include parts and guides that appeared.  I also used my meditation to deepen an embodied experience of Self.


A life-changing training that helped me be more self-led, grounded and happy. Training increased my proficiency and competence to be an IFS therapist and to improve not only my own life but the lives of my patients, and clients.


As a non-therapist I was totally accepted and included.  I learned very much cognitively but through the incredible support and witnessing, I grew more and more towards and into my Self.

A. Brennan

Amazing experience. Experiential learning is the way to go.

Paige Kelly

Level 1 training has changed me both professionally and personally and this growth has been a huge shift in my life.

M. Breckel

The teachings were rich, balanced with experiential learning, which was growth inspiring.  The community that was established among the participants was an added bonus.  I looked forward to seeing my new friends each weekend.

E. Chasser

I have found a deeper understanding of the model.  I have been a client of IFS for four years so learning how to incorporate the model into my schooling, practical experience - has been a huge learning experience.

E. Conlin

IFS brought so much healing for me personally and so much healing for my clients; the retreat was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I had moments during the retreat when I was in awe, feeling totally connected to the Universe around and within

E. Cowal

It's life-transforming, both personally and professionally.


By the end of the training, after immersing myself in the IFS model, I feel more confident in my skills as a therapist with tools that really help my clients.

L. Ferreri

The entire experience enriched both my personal and professional life.


This training helped deepen my understanding of the model.  The opportunities for supported, supervised practice were really helpful and rewarding, both as a client and a therapist.  One of the best experiences I've had working with a large group.

M. Gaza

No matter what your intention is, in attending an IFS training you'll find a group of warm, open and accepting cohorts. Trainers know the model well and treat everything you need to know to  begin your learning and explorations. Safety is provided for everyone to do their own work and witness others.

M. Glass

The entire training program was remarkable.  The design is inventive and perfect for an adult learner such as me.  Through the didactic work, meditations, watching in person demonstrations and videos, small group practice sessions, and home group, I feel I've taken in the model on a very cellular level.  i can honestly say this is the first time I've come away from a training with confidence to use the model and use it well.  This started with the first weekend, and kept building throughout.

E. Harmansky

The power of the IFS training experience came from the rich development of community through the group process and experiential learning - it has deeply impacted me personally and in my practice

C. Hollandsworth

The experience exceeded my expectations both personally and professionally; meeting new colleagues; really felt great professional and personal growth.


This was the most well-organized, informative, engaging and practical training/continuing education that I have attended in my 41-year career.  Everything was accessible, inclusive, clear, and both personally and professionally relevant.

D. Huneke

Great insight is developing my own ability to have presence and help my coaching clients do the same - plus opportunity to connect to a unique, warm, and supportive community.

M. Hurwich

Level One training for IFS has had a profound effect on my personal development as well as professional.  I am excited about the growth I have seen with my clients since incorporating IFS into my work and I am looking forward to continuing my training and hopefully at some point being involved in training others.

B. Jerva

Attending this training has been one of the most wonderful, enriching and transforming experiences I've ever had, personally and professionally.


IFS is an encouraging, non-pathologizing modality with great potential for individual and community based healing. (healing: increased capacity for self-compassion and compassion for others; increased insight and flexibility related to individual and community challenges.) All parts are welcome; but don't take it from me: come try it and see for yourself.

J. Knott

It was a fantastic experience both personally and professionally.  I'm using my growing base of IFS knowledge and skills in almost every session.

M. Lakind

Remarkable personal and professional growth; profound deepening of understanding the IFS model; broadening of professional network; witnessing the evolution of the growth in other participants

J. Lapidus

The experiential nature of the training allowed me to grow professionally and personally in ways I could never have imagined. I feel more integrated and confident.

E. Latulippe

IFS has expanded my conceptualization and clinical skills, and has ushered me further along the path toward enlightenment. I highly recommend this training for all therapists, regardless of orientation and background.

L. Marchak

Every therapist would benefit greatly from being a serious student of IFS.

L. Mrchak