Scholarships - North American Trainings

IFS Institute acknowledges the personal, professional, and financial investment that each participant commits to our training programs.  Though we are not able to significantly defray the costs of each training program, we would like to offer the gift of a modest scholarship to those that may be eligible.   

IFS Institute invites applicants who have already submitted a training application to apply for a scholarship in either one or both of the following categories:

  • Economic Need Scholarship: IFS Institute may provide a scholarship based on economic need and this scholarship considers the participant’s overall financial profile. 
  • Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship: IFS Institute may provide a scholarship based on our commitment to diversity and inclusion.  These scholarships are designated for individuals who identify as part of the global majority or the LGBTQIA+ community and/or whose life’s work serves the global majority, LGBTQIA+ communities, marginalized communities, or poverty-stricken communities. 

When IFS Institute awards an Economic Need scholarship, we include the guidelines below in our process.  Please review the guidelines below prior to submitting a scholarship request.      

1. The intended purpose of an IFS Institute scholarship is to provide eligible applicants with a small financial contribution towards their tuition. A scholarship is not intended to significantly and/or fully defray the cost of tuition nor is it intended to cover any travel, lodging, or food expenses. The current average scholarship gift, if awarded, is $250.  

2. We ask applicants with a household income above $90,000/year to forego scholarship opportunities in efforts to provide the gift of a scholarship to applicants with the greatest economic needs.

3. In alignment with IFS Institute’s mission, we prioritize scholarships for applicants who are actively working as a Mental Healthcare Professional.  Applicants who do not meet this condition may still be considered for a scholarship if the budget allows. 

4. Applicants who have already received at least one training program scholarship and apply again for another training program scholarship may be considered for a scholarship if the budget allows

5. International applicants that are participating in a North American training may still be considered for a scholarship based on the following conditions: 

  • If an International Partner (IP) does not exist within the residing country, an international applicant can apply for a scholarship; eligibility requirements remain the same as above. 
  • If an International Partner exists within the residing country, an international applicant will be ineligible for a scholarship.  Please click on the following link to view our present International Partners.

         IFS Institute International Partners | IFS Institute (

Scholarship awards cannot be applied towards the $500 tuition deposit. The $500 tuition deposit is due upon enrollment into the training program.   

Please contact [email protected] with any scholarship-related questions.  

Click here to see scholarship applications and deadlines.