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Podcasts Featuring Dick Schwartz

The Weekend University: Rethinking Addiction w/Dick Schwartz, Gabor Maté & Marc Lewis 

In this meeting of the minds discussion, we’re joined by three of the world’s leading experts on addiction: Dr. Gabor Maté, Dr. Richard Schwartz, and Professor Marc Lewis. Although their backgrounds vary widely, with Gabor initially training as a medical doctor, Richard as a family therapist, and Marc as a developmental psychologist and neuroscientist, all three of them have reached similar conclusions in their understanding of, and approach to treating addiction.

The Weekend University: Rethinking Addiction

The Lucky Exile Podcast: Internal Family Systems with Dr. Richard C. Schwartz. 

The Lucky Exile is a podcast devoted to improving patient care by hosting conversations with professionals from the mental and medical fields on ways to improve integrative team based medicine. In this episode, the creator of Internal Family Systems, Dr. Richard C. Schwartz, shares the latest in his journey as we chat about where the field of psychotherapy has been, and where it may be going!

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The New Man: Hosted by Tripp Lanier - From Inner Critic to Inner Peace. Richard Schwartz, IFS, No Bad Parts.

" "Does your inner critic keep you from enjoying your life?

Does your fear of looking weak or lazy drive you into the ground?

And why does there seem to be a battle between the part of us that wants to do great things and another part that just wants to play small?

Richard Schwartz introduced IFS or Internal Family Systems many years ago. Since then, the process has been used to heal, strengthen, and align the minds of many people — including myself. Listen here

The Tim Ferris Show - IFS, Psychedelic Experiences without Drugs, and Finding Inner Peace for Our Many Parts 

Illustration of Richard Schwartz

We are locking up these parts of us that are so wonderful and have so many talents when they’re not locked up and when they’re not stuck in the past.

— Richard Schwartz

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Image of In Kind Podcast

The Live We Carry With Us - Wonderdome Podcast hosted by Andy Cahill

#20 The Lives We Carry With Us


Therapy Show

What is Internal Family Systems? Why Do We Have Parts? Dr. Richard Schwartz 



Francesca Maximé – ReRooted – Ep. 29 – Legacy Burden, Implicit Racism, and Activism with Dr. Richard Schwartz


The Unburdened Leader Podcast

Episode 02; How Self-Leadership Saves you From The Relentless Drive to Succeed with Richard Schwartz

Image of Dr. Richard Schwartz and Rebecca Ching for The Unburdened Leader Podcast Quote reads: The more self led that you become, the less afraid you are to actin a way that's going to actually bring more harmony Dr. Richard Schwartz, creator of Internal Family Systems. Ep 02 How Self-leadership saves you from the relentless drive to succeed

The One Inside with Tammy Sollenberger

Conversation with Alanis Morissette

Everyday Sublime with Josh Summers - Dr. Richard Schwartz: Healing the Internal Family


Therapy Chat with Laura Reagan

Relationships Alive - Episode 140: Mastering the Art of Inner Transformation - Internal Family Systems with Dick Schwartz

Insights at the Edge with Tami Simon

Insights at the Edge


The Smart Couple Podcast

The AAMFT Podcast

IFS TalksA Talk with Richard Schwartz


This is an episode with Richard Schwartz.Richard Schwartz is the author and founder of this amazing and unique Psychotherapy Model, for many a Meta-model, a model of the Mind, a Map and a Path to our lives, a new Paradigm, a Social Movement. Please welcome Dick.



Archived Teleconferences

This archive contains teleconferences offered in 2010 and 2011 and recorded live.  Each teleconference was a 90-minute presentation by an IFS expert on a topic of interest to those who want to learn more about the theory and practice of IFS.  You can start listening when you click on the teleconference you're interested in.  

November 2010


Introduction to IFS with Dick Schwartz

January 2011


Introduction to Internal Family Systems: The Application to Couples Therapy with Toni Herbine-Blank.

March 2011


Introduction to Internal Family Systems: The Application of IFS to Children and Adolescents with Pamela Krause

May 2011


Introduction to Internal Family Systems: The Benefits of Being an IFS Therapist with Paul Ginter

July 2011


 Introduction to Internal Family Systems: Inviting the Body Out of Exile and into the IFS Therapy Office with Susan McConnell

September 2011


Introduction to Internal Family Systems: Self-Compassion and the Treatment of Trauma with Cece Sykes