IFS Level 2 Training Programs

Deepening IFS Work

Level 2 trainings give Level 1 graduates the chance to develop their IFS expertise in a variety of content areas and with different clinical populations.  IFS Institute offers the majority of the Intensive Level 2 trainings, with Toni Herbine-Blank offering  Intensives called "Intimacy from the Inside Out."  Central Connecticut State University offers Multi-topic Level 2s.

Intensive Level 2s: There are several types of Intensives. Deepening & Expanding with IFS offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself more fully in the core aspects of IFS ® practice and experience. Other Intensives explore one topic in-depth for the entire training.

Multi-topic Level 2s: These trainings cover four content areas in one training, including Strengthening Skills and Advanced Techniques, Working with Trauma, Working with Multiple Systems, and The Therapeutic Relationship and Spiritual Aspects of IFS.

IFS trainings are primarily designed to provide professional continuing education and practice in using the IFS model for mental health care professionals. While IFS Institute continues to provide some space in Level 2 trainings for Level 1 graduates who are not mental health care professionals, we may consider the overall participant composition of a training and limit the number in each training. We also review all applications to ensure, as best we can, that each applicant is a good fit for an IFS training. IFS Institute is working on many fronts to create more trainings, and part of this work is to expand our curriculum so that we can provide programs and opportunities in the near future for those who are not mental health care professionals.


Level 2 Book

Program Assistants

Increase your professional competence and confidence by helping others learn IFS. Program assistants participate in trainings tuition free.

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IFS Certification

IFS Certified Therapists and IFS Certified Practitioners carry a distinguished mark demonstrating competency and experience of the IFS model.

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