IFS Certification

The IFS Certification process is an advanced process that provides a clear set of actions to undertake in order to demonstrate the competencies and experience necessary to practice the IFS model effectively. Certification adds a measure of quality control in the practice of IFS by providing a way to recognize those who have demonstrated the capacity to effectively use the model.


Important Update March 20, 2023:

We're excited to announce the IFS Certification Policy and process is soon getting a refresh (May 2023).

For this reason, we're temporarily suspending distribution of new IFS Certification packets until the new process goes live. Those that have already purchased a Certification packet will have a transition window to apply under the current requirements. If you're well into the Certification process, but never reached out to purchase a Certification Packet, please make sure to reach out to us at certification@ifs-institute.com


See the current IFS Certification Policy here: IFS Certification Policy
Find a list of all IFS Certification Reviewers here: IFS Certification Reviewers