Level 3 Trainings

Specialized Trainings

Level 3 trainings:  In these programs, Level 2 graduates work intensively with fellow advanced practitioners to further develop their knowledge of IFS and hone their skills with its techniques.  You are a good fit for Level 3 if your goal is not only to become a better therapist, but also to:

  • Learn about and unburden personal triggers and blind spots.
  • Hold Self-energy in daily life and when provoked.
  • Clarify your vision for your career and life path.
  • Practice giving and receiving Self-led feedback.
  • Discover some key trailheads.
  • Explore your spirituality.
  • Create a small, Self-led community.

The format includes demonstration, experiential group exercise, large and small group discussion, extended mediation, and intensive personal work.  Please see each training's website brochure for details.

IFS trainings are primarily designed to provide education and practice in using the IFS model for mental health care professionals. While IFS Institute provides space in trainings for those who are not mental health care professionals, we may consider the overall participant composition of a training and limit the number in each training. We also review all applications to ensure, as best we can, that each applicant is a good fit for an IFS training. IFS Institute is working on many fronts to create more trainings, and part of this work is to expand our curriculum so that we can provide programs and opportunities in the near future for those who are not mental health care professionals.

Level 3 Training FAQs

How much does the training cost?

  • Tuition: Please review the Brochure available on each training's web page for tuition information.
  • Room and Board: Participants pay for their own lodging and meals.
  • Application Fee: A non-refundable application fee is charged when you submit your application.
  • Readings: You may be asked to purchase some reading or other materials for your training. Information about these can be found on the brochure linked to each training's listing on the IFS Institute website.
  • Costs are subject to change.

Are tuition payment plans available?

Please see each training's application form for payment information. Billing is administered by IFS Institute's Controller.

When will my deposit be charged?

Your deposit will be charged when you are accepted into your training.

Are scholarships available?

For information about scholarships, please visit the Scholarships for North American IFS Trainings page of our website.


Level 3 Book

Program Assistants

Increase your professional competence and confidence by helping others learn IFS. Program assistants participate in trainings tuition free.

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IFS Certification

IFS Certified Therapists and IFS Certified Practitioners carry a distinguished mark demonstrating competency and experience of the IFS model.

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