Program Assistant Development

Blue box with circles and text says Program Assistant Development - Announcing a NEW Program Assistant Development program and orientation for those interested in Program Assisting!

We're pleased to provide opportunities for professional development for those interested in being a Program Assistant for IFS Trainings.

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PA Administrative Orientation

Our PA Administrative Orientation is a FREE 90-minute webinar that will introduce you to the role of IFSI Program Assistant and help to increase your confidence and improve your performance as a PA.​ As we work to support the PA role, it is our hope that all current (experienced and new) Program Assistants will have completed a PA Administration Orientation by the end of 2024.

Registration and live attendance are required for the PA Administrative Orientation (no recordings made). 

Register for one of our upcoming PA Administration Orientation webinars this Fall:

  • Tuesday, November 14 3:30-5:00 Central Time - Registration Closed
  • Friday, November 17 11:00-12:30 Central Time - Registration Closed

We hope that you leave this orientation aware of what is expected of a Program Assistant. You will also learn where to go to get your questions answered and how to get support.  Below is the complete IFS-Institute's Program Assistant Handbook.

PA Development Workshop

Those who complete attendance in a PA Administration Orientation webinar will be eligible to register for an upcoming full-day PA Development Workshop.

PA Development Workshops are limited to 42 participants and will be supported by a 3:1 participant to staff ratio. The online workshop will be offered at a fee for the day to cover administrative costs and offers CE credits.

Registration opportunities will be offered to those who've completed the PA Administrative Orientation. Once registration for a PA Development Workshop is scheduled, an email with registration details will be sent to those who have completed the Orientation.

We hope to see you at an upcoming PA Administrative Orientation webinar and PA Development Workshop. On behalf of the IFSI Talent Management team we look forward to connecting with you and supporting everyone on their Program Assistant journey. 

These programs are designed for trainings organized by IFS Institute. International Program Assistants are welcome; however, some administrative procedure policies may differ for trainings organized by International Partners.

Click here to view PA Handbook

Frequently Asked PA Questions

Who selects the PA Staff? Trainers? IFSI?

The trainer team selects their PA staff. Trainers try to have a mix of both experienced and inexperienced PAs since experienced PAs can provide mentoring to inexperienced PAs.  It is also suggested that an inexperienced PA complete at least one year of private practice working the the model after completing their Level 1 and being a PA.  This is a recommendation and not a requirement.

Am I required to attend the PA Admin Orientation and PA Development Workshop to be a PA?

No, it is not mandatory to attend either the PA Admin Orientation or PA Development Workshop, however, we strongly recommend that PAs attend the PA Admin Orientation at a minimum.  The new PA Application asks if the applicant has attended the PA Admin Orientation so that Trainers will know who has attended when they receive their PA applications. Trainers may give stronger weight to those who have attended the PA Admin Orientation.

Can I apply to be a PA if I don't live in the United States?

Those who want to be a PA in a North American Training must have a US Social Security Number or Canadian Social Insurance Number in order to be a PA in a North American Training. 

Can a practitioner be a PA or become a trainer?

Yes, practitioners can apply to be a PA.  We are currently working on a separate track for practitioners and the trainers for that track can be either therapists or practitioners.

Is there a pathway for PAs to have grievances heard and attended to with transparency?

You can see the IFSI Grievance Policy on the website at FAQ | IFS Institute (  The person making acomplaint will be asked to send their complaint, in writing, to IFS Institute's Chief Executive Officer at IFS Institute, P.O. Box 3969, Oak Park, IL 60303.  Or, it can be sent to the Chief Executive Officer using the form at this link:   IFS Institute's Chief Executive Officer will review the complaint, in consultation with the Executive Committee, and will issue a response within 30 days of receipt of the written complaint.  

Is there a way to apply to be a PA using the information from a previous application?

Unfortunately, there is no way to save information in Submittable which is the platform used for PA Applications.  Some PAs save their longer written answers in a Word document and then cut and past them into their next PA application.

Is there a list to join to be available to Trainers who need a PA on an emergency or short term basis?

Yes, you can join the list at the bottom of this page:

How do I become an IFSI Trainer?

You can find information on the IFSI Trainer Career Path at IFS Trainer Career Path | IFS Institute (

Do the Mentoring Programs on the IFSI Trainer Career Path have a cost?

No, the ATP (Accelerated Training Program), the ATMP (Assistance Trainer Mentee Program) and the LTP (Lead Trainer Program) have no cost to the mentees.

Are evaluations of the Trainers anonymous to everyone at IFSI?

The Staff-to-Staff surveys are anonymous to the Talent Management staff and Trainer Team.

What are Bridge Days and are they paid?

Bridge Days have replaced what used to be Teleconferences.  Bridge Days are 5.5 hours long which allow for more practice time of the model or for any other topics that the trainers think necessary.  For the most common L1-3 training, there are two Bridge Days which take place between Sessions 1 & 2 and Sessions 3 & 4.  Bridge Days are paid the same as a training session day - $150.

What is IFS Institute's Dual/Multiple Relationship Policy

Please see FAQ #28 | IFS Institute ( to view the Dual Multiple Relationship Policy.