Program Assistant Applications for North American IFS Trainings


 Please review the Program Assistants in Level 1 and Level 2 IFS Training Programs page before applying to become a PA. 

To apply for a PA position, please download the appropriate PDF application form below, and then submit your completed form to IFS Institute (contact information is on each form).  Only those who have submitted a PA application form to IFS Institute will be considered for PA positions. If you would like to be considered for multiple trainings, you need to submit a PA application for each one. 

Level 1 Trainings PA Application Deadlines
Brooklyn, NY – Organization Training (600) February 1, 2020
Jamaica Plain, MA - Organization Training (500) July , 2019
Nashville, TN (597) April 1,2020
Portland, OR (565) January 10, 2020
Prince Frederick, MD – Organization Training (587) March 15, 2020
Retreat-Style: Austin, TX (510) October 1, 2019
Retreat-Style: Tucson AZ (567) February 15, 2020
Retreat-Style: Tucson AZ (566) December 1, 2019
Retreat- Style: Chicago Il Area (568) May 15, 2020
San Francisco, CA Area (506) December 1, 2019
Scottsdale, AZ – Organization Training (608) April 1, 2020
Seattle, WA (571) July 15, 2020


Level 2 Trainings PA Application Deadlines
Austin, TX: IFS, Addictions and Eating Disorders (578) March 15, 2020

PA Application Forms (for downloading)

Below are the PA application forms for you to download. Some trainings have individualized forms. For all other trainings, please use Form A or Form B. Please see your training’s website brochure if you are not sure of the training’s format or schedule, and note that a separate PA application form is required for each training you wish to apply to.

PDF Form A:  For 6-Session, Level 1 trainings for which IFS Institute DOES NOT organize Room & Board (see your training's website brochure if you're not sure)

PDF Form B: For Intensive Level 2 trainings for which IFS Institute DOES NOT organize Room & Board (see your training’s website brochure if you are not sure)

PDF: Retreat-Style: Austin, TX (510)

PDF: Retreat-Style: Tucson, AZ (567)

PDF: Retreat-Style: Tucson, AZ (566)

PDF: Retreat-Style;Chicago IL (568)

Jamaica Plain, MA - Organization Training (500)

PDF:Brooklyn, NY – Organization Training (600)

PDF: San Francisco, CA Area - (506)

PDF: IFS, Addictions and Eating Disorders (578)

PDF:Prince Frederick, MD – Organization Training (587)

PDF: Scottsdale, AZ – Organization Training (608)