Program Assistant Applications for North American IFS Trainings

Please review the Program Assistants in IFS Training Programs page before applying to become a PA.

  • PA applicants must have either a U.S. Social Security Number or a Canadian Social Insurance Number.
  • At a minimum, PA applicants to Level 1 trainings must have already graduated (i.e., earned a Certificate of Completion) from a Level 1 IFS training program.
  • At a minimum, PA applicants to Level 2 trainings must have already graduated from a Level 2 training program. 
  • At a minimum, PA applicants to Level 3 trainings must have already graduated from a Level 3 training program, and must have earned Experienced PA status. 
  • Preference may be given to PA applicants who are IFS Certified. 
  • Please review a training's website brochure before applying so you have all the necessary details.

Click here and apply to available PA position opportunities.

Only those who have submitted an online PA application to IFS Institute can be considered for PA positions. If you would like to be considered for multiple trainings, please confirm that there are no conflicting dates between the trainings, and you are able to attend all the dates of all trainings for which you are applying.  Submit the corresponding online PA application for each training.  The training webpage is linked to the PA application.

PA applications are open for two weeks after they are announced. Please be sure to complete your application within that timeframe so it is received.

If a large number of PA applications are received before a training's PA application deadline, the application may be closed earlier than the deadline listed.