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IFS Enthusiasts Facebook Group

Connect with over 21,000 people from around the world in our active private Facebook community. Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a revolutionary model that gives us the tools and context to understand our inner worlds. This group it to learn more about IFS and ways to learn about the model; connect with other IFS Enthusiasts (individuals and clinical professionals); share resources that have helped on your personal IFS path (books/videos/training) and share general questions or comments about the IFS model. JOIN NOW - Click Here

*note all questions must be answered to be approved. 

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Independent Listservs

IFSI does not have a listserv, just a mailing list. To join the IFSI mailing list visit We do not add individuals to the Listservs below, each list has a different contact/way to join.  

Note: All Listservs are run independently and not moderated by the IFS Institute. For quality control purposes, we only list Listservs started by IFS Certified Therapists.  We provide these listings as a tool for members of our community to connect and engage. 

Do you have an existing IFS listserv you'd like to add to our list below? To submit a request for a new listserv complete this form: Please keep listing details up to date. Listing edit? Email Jen Lydic-Tewell at [email protected].

Australia/Western Australia Listserv

Listserv for IFS practitioners and therapists from anywhere in Australia. Criteria to join: Mental Health Care Professionals using the IFS model who want to connect with like-minded IFS enthusiasts! Minimum criteria: completed a 2-day workshop in IFS or enrolled in/completed IFS Circle. All level 1 IFS-I graduates are welcome! Contact Oliver Brooke at [email protected] to join the Western Australian Listserv.

Central Texas IFS Listserv

This listserv is for IFS-trained providers who practice or trained in Texas.  Criteria to join: Successful completion of Level 1 training.  Request to join by contacting John Palmer at [email protected]   Please include your level of IFS training and who your Level 1 lead trainers were.

DC Area IFS Listserv

The professional IFS listserv for the Greater Washington, DC area including Maryland and Virginia. This group is for local networking and community building among IFS therapists and practitioners (IFS Level 1 completed) in the DMV. It is distinct from the IFS Mid-Atlantic google group. To request membership: [email protected].

Greater Philadelphia IFS Community Listserv

If you are an IFS psychotherapist/practitioner in the Greater Philadelphia/New Jersey area and want to join our email community, please email Carl Marcus at [email protected]. IFS Level 1 is not a requirement, but having taken an introductory workshop or equivalent is. You will receive further instructions after sending your email.

IFS Child Therapists Listserv

This listserv is for IFS therapists who work with children. Criteria to join the list: Must work with children and/or adolescents; Must be at least Level I IFS trained; Must avoid providing identifying client information (must adhere to confidentiality laws) if sending an email referencing a client; Not a must but a plus if a Registered Play Therapist/Registered Play Therapist Supervisor. Request to join the Google group: [email protected]. If you have questions, contact Maddisen Espeseth at 714-790-4066.

Illinois IFS Listserv

This listserv is for IFS-trained providers practicing in Illinois. Criteria to join: successful completion of Level 1 training (with training being hard to get in, we are looking at changing this criteria). Request to join by contacting Mark Bakal at [email protected] or Jan Mullen at [email protected], include your level of training.

Mid-Atlantic IFS Listserv

The official IFS Mid-Atlantic listserv for professionals that use IFS in any form in the states of Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, DC, Virginia, New York, & West Virginia. This group is distinct from the IFS-DC Google Group and the IFS TriState New York group. To join: [email protected].

Minnesota IFS Practitioners Listserv

This listserv is for all trained Level 1+ IFS practitioners who practice in Minnesota (or who want to stay up-to-date with Minnesota IFS happenings). It’s a place for us to ask each other questions, share knowledge and resources, and stay connected as an IFS community. To join fill out your name, email address, and Level 1 training information at[email protected].  

New England IFS Listserv

If you are a New England-based IFS clinician and you would like to join the IFS New England Email Group, please write to [email protected] saying, "Please add me." You will receive further instructions after sending your email.

New York and New Jersey Listserv

If you are an IFS psychotherapist/practitioner in New York or New Jersey and want to join our email community, please email Mark Morris [email protected]. Must be IFS Level 1 Trained. You will receive further instructions after sending your email.

Ontario IFS Network & Listserv

The Ontario IFS Network is a listserv and community for therapists and practitioners of IFS open to those who have taken Level 1 training. To be added please email [email protected] (and if you have any problems email [email protected]). 

Rocky Mountain Region IFS Listserv

If you are a Colorado-based IFS clinician and you would like to join the IFS Rocky Mountain Facebook community, please visit It is a private group and if you submit a request to join you will be added.

Seattle and Washington IFS Group & Listserv

Google Group for Washington-based IFS therapists and practitioners. Please email Carie McCoy at [email protected]. Please put "WA-IFS Add Request" in the subject line. In the body of the email, include your full name and email address as it is listed in the IFS Institute directory.

Seattle and Washington/Level 1 graduates Facebook group - This group is open to WA therapists and practitioners who have taken Level 1 IFS-Institute training. To join visit

South Eastern IFS Listserv

This listserv is for IFS-trained providers connected to the South Eastern states. Request to join at If you have questions, contact Carmen Jimenez-Pride at [email protected].