Program Assistants in Level 1 and Level 2 IFS Training Programs

The information below is for North American IFS training programs organized by IFS Institute. If you need information about being a Program Assistant in training outside North America (an "international" training), please contact the international training organizer for the training you are interested in. Contact information for international training organizers is on each training's website page.

After you have read this webpage, please visit this page for applications and deadlines. The PA applications also contain more information.

Benefits of Being a Program Assistant

  • Strengthen and reinforce your own learning of the IFS model
  • Earn continuing education credit
  • Take part in an IFS training tuition-free
  • Maintain connection with the IFS model and the growing IFS community
  • Increase professional competence and confidence by helping others learn IFS

Program Assistant Prerequisites and Responsibilities


  • At a minimum, PA applicants to Level 1 trainings must have already graduated (i.e., earned a Certificate of Completion) from a Level 1 IFS training program. Preference may be given to PA applicants who are Certified IFS Therapists or Certified IFS Practitioners.
  • At a minimum, PA applicants to Level 2 trainings must have already graduated from a Level 2 training program.  Preference may be given to PA applicants who are Certified IFS Therapists or Certified IFS Practitioners.
  • Ability to hold Self-energy

Training Program Responsibilities

  • Commitment to attend all training days (see training schedules on each training's website brochure)
  • Teach in small groups
  • Participate in staff meetings
  • Support the Lead Trainer(s) and the Assistant Trainer
  • Perform  administrative tasks assigned by the Assistant Trainer
  • Hold Self-energy for the training group
  • Model Self-leadership, including maintaining appropriate professional boundaries
  • Provide continuity for students, and Lead and Assistant Trainer(s)
  • Participate in the student role when it meets the needs of the training
  • Work with one’s own parts that may emerge during the course of the training
  • Abide by CSL’s Dual Relationship Policy (see PA application)
  • Facilitate or co-facilitate home groups – develop a safe, satisfying, supportive environment that will facilitate students' learning, provide Self-energy for the group, track interpersonal and group interactions
  • Supervise small practice groups – support learning edges and provide feedback to the student who is in the role of therapist, protect exiles of the person in the role of client, model the IFS model, help track students' learning of IFS, understand the progression of skill development throughout the training

Program Assistant Selection, Supervision and Evaluation

  • PAs are chosen by each training’s Lead and Assistant Trainers.  If you have questions about the selection schedule, please contact the trainers (contact information is in this website's Trainers Directory or "Find an IFS Therapist" section).
  • PAs may not hear from trainers about being selected (or not) until about 2 weeks before a training starts.
  • PAs are supervised by and receive feedback from their Lead and Assistant Trainers during the course of their training programs.

Program Assistant Stipend

Experienced Program Assistants receive a stipend that is intended to help defray some food, lodging, and transportation costs.  Tuition for Program Assistants is waived. 


 Program Assistant Application Forms

Click here for Program Assistant Opportunities in the United States and Canada.