Scholarship Applications - North American Trainings

Please read the Scholarships – North American Trainings page and the information below before applying for a scholarship.  Thank you!


  • People who have already submitted a training program application may submit a scholarship application.
  • Scholarship applications from people on a training’s waitlist are not reviewed until they are offered a space in the training. 
  • Each training has its own scholarship application form.
  • Scholarship applications are reviewed once per training.


  • Once the scholarship application period has closed, please allow a minimum of 7-10 business days to receive scholarship notifications.
  • Scholarship recipients are given the chance to accept or decline their scholarship.
  • If a scholarship applicant declines their scholarship award or is not offered a scholarship, and they withdraw from the training when they receive the scholarship notification, their $500 deposit will be refunded. If they withdraw at a later date, the withdrawal/refund policy for the training is in effect.
  • Scholarship awards are deducted from the tuition balance that remains after the $500 deposit is paid. Scholarships are not intended to cover the $500 deposit.
  • Scholarship awards are not transferable.

Please contact with any scholarship-related questions.

*** Scholarship Applications are submitted using the online platform Submittable. The email address used to set up a Submittable account is where communication about a scholarship will be sent. 

PLEASE NOTE: If the scholarship application for your training is not listed, the deadline has passed, and we are no longer accepting applications. 

North American Training Scholarship Applications

Training Deadline (U.S. Central Time) Scholarship Application
Level 1 (964): Riverside Walk September 24, 2023 Scholarship Application Level 1 (964)
Level 1 (969): Mist Trail September 24, 2023 Scholarship Application Level 1 (969)
Level 1 (992): Twin Falls September 24, 2023 Scholarship Application Level 1 (992)
Level 1 (1001): Dream Lake September 24, 2023 Scholarship Application Level 1 (1001)
Level 1 (1003): Mount Falcon September 24, 2023 Scholarship Application Level 1 (1003)