Email Notifications

If you would like us to email you when new IFS Level 1, 2, or 3 training programs become available, please add your name and information below. We are organizing mostly online trainings, and some hybrid trainings that have a combination of online-only sessions and onsite-only sessions. See below for more training details.

Subscribing to this Email Notification list is not the same as applying to or being enrolled in a training, or being on a training's wait list.

Applying to a North American Training

There is currently greater demand for IFS trainings than there is supply, and we are working every day to provide more trainings for you. In the meantime, we use a lottery system to determine who may apply. 

Lottery Entry Form:  If you are interested in applying to a particular training, please add your name to that training’s Lottery Entry form that's on the training’s webpage when the training is first posted.  If you have signed up for email notifications, we'll email you when new trainings are posted. Anyone who visits the website while the Lottery Entry form is available may also add their name to the Lottery Entry form.

Submitting a Training Program Application:  If the lottery chooses your name, we will email you with information about how to apply for the training. Wait list applications are also accepted at this time.

To find out more about North American trainings, please see the Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 training pages.


International Trainings 

For a contact list of our international partners Click here. 

All training program applications, administration and payments for International trainings are handled by our International Partner Organizations and not by IFS Institute. Participants should contact International Partner Organizations directly to inquire about the application process and training availability.  


Coach program

IFS Institute is launching a pilot program for an inaugural cohort of IFS Foundations for Coaches in Spring 2024.

Learn more about this program