11th Annual Cape Cod Couples retreat

 Image of a couple watching a sunset text overlay reads 11th annual couples retreat with Dick Schwartz September 16-19, 2021 Craigville Conference Center Centerville Massachusetts


Richard C. Schwartz, PhD.


Craigville Conference Center, Centerville, Massachusetts


Thursday, September 16, 2021 - September 19, 2021

Arrival on Thursday after 4:30 PM, dinner at 6 PM;

Program ends at 2 PM on Sunday

We have all been taught that our romantic partner should end our misery and make us feel happy and alive. When he or she doesn't we wonder if they're the right one. Yet, for most of us, no partner is capable of keeping our heads above the pools of pain and shame we bring to intimate relationships. Only we can drain those pools and become the primary caretakers for the young, needy parts of us that are drowning in those pools. Once this inner trust is achieved, we can love our partners courageously and unconditionally because we don't need them to always do the heavy lifting of our spirits. Released from being our primary emotional caretakers, they can revel in the freedom that comes with being the secondary one.

This workshop is designed to help you and your partner learn how to achieve this kind of courageous love. Based on the presenter's Internal Family Systems model of psycho-therapy, you will learn how to find and heal parts of you that interfere in your intimacy. In addition, you will discover the effectiveness of communicating with your partner from a place of compassion, calm, clarity and confidence called the Self. When couples have Self-led conversations, their relationships harmonize naturally. They can discuss even highly charged issues productively and feel safe to reveal their most vulnerable parts to each other. The workshop is for all intimate partners. Appropriate for therapists and non-therapists.Workshop is an intimate setting limited to 15 couples

Fees: Tuition is $3,250 per couple including 3 nights lodging and 9 meals payable in 2 installments of $1,625..

This program is now full. If you would like to be added to a waitlist please contact: karinwhite@comcast.net