Connecting to Self in Devasting Times

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Rectangle with varying waves of teal, orange, white and red. Text says connecting to Self in devastating times

As the Palestinian death toll in Gaza surpasses 30,000 and the conflict continues to cause extraordinary pain and suffering on both sides, we would like to reiterate our support for those in the region and beyond, who are suffering so deeply.  

Over the last several months we have heard from many of you who are suffering and struggling.  We are holding each of your experiences with tenderness and compassion.  

As we have heard your stories and your requests for support, we have tried to develop a communication that would convey that we see your suffering, that we are walking with you during these times and that we support actions that would lessen that suffering.  

What we continue to recognize is that, at this time, we are not able to hold the entire community in one message.  What may be comforting to one community, does harm to the other.  This makes sense to us based on what we know of trauma.  When trauma is held by parts of a system, and  when external conditions continue to be unsafe, other parts may, understandably, not be able to fully witness and hold space for others.  For this reason, we strongly encourage a ceasefire involving both Israel and Hamas which includes a return of the hostages.   

The mission of IFS Institute and our community is to bring Self leadership and healing to the world through educating a growing number of professionals around the world to expand this work. What we offer today is aligned with that mission.  This meditation was contributed by a member of our community who wishes to remain anonymous.   

May this meditation support your connection to Self.  As you engage in our programs, our community and the world, may you join us in this meditation for compassion, courage and community.   

May the eyes of the human heart be open …  

May the power of love prevail…  

May the hearts be stirred with compassion and truth… 

May the dead of the past be healed, so the children of today can live 

May the cries of the past be understood, so the cries of the today be heard 

May the bloodshed of the past be forgiven, so the bloodshed of today could stop 

May we find the courage to choose to listen and be listened to, so silence could be replaced with serenity 

May the conscious of today heal generational trauma, unburden lineages, and may they choose "this ends with me today" , so the deafening sirens could rest, the shattering blasts could cease, and the songs of migrating birds could return 

May we all find the courage to heal from the fires that destroyed the past and the fires that are destroying the present, and may the fire itself be liberated from the state of destruction it was forced into and be restored into its original state of providence, warmth and safety 

May we have the grace of space within us to hold polarities, and may we finally see we're all frantically striving to protect one thing; the right to live with dignity 

May our parts learn to co-exist, so systems flourish, lands turn green, skies get clear 

and children feel safe to live, to play, to grow 

May the pain be healed, and may we find peace within, so we could allow it without.  

We remain open to hearing your experiences and your stories. We are honoured that many of you feel safe to share those stories with us, even when your experience includes being disappointed in us. We appreciate the opportunity to walk with each of you.