Holding Space for Activated Parts

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Image of a sunset on the beach with water rocks and birds - text Holding Space to Soothe and IFS white logo

As tragedies and violence unfold in the Middle East, we would like to acknowledge and hold space for the grief, terror and anger being felt by Israelis, Palestinians, and those among the diaspora in our communities and around the world. 

The world is demanding much from everyone right now – and an unimaginable amount is being asked of the caretakers and peacemakers in the region. We know they are there. We know they need support. In an effort to support those directly impacted by the conflict, and those who are holding space for those impacted by the conflict, we would like to offer the following meditation with the intention of acknowledging and supporting parts that are struggling at this very difficult time.

Next week we will hold our annual conference, and it will be in person for the first time since 2019.  While we are looking forward to being together as a community, we also know that those who may need this community the most may not be able to attend.  We will dedicate time to sending Self energy to those who need it and who are not physically present with us.

The Institute is connecting with our partners in exploration of additional ways we can provide support. We are also open to suggestions from our community for how to best support groups who are working to support each other and those they work with during this time.  If you have ideas of how we can support, please complete this brief form.

Direct link: https://youtu.be/pwM5HIOpLVg