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As the humanitarian crisis continues in Ukraine, we are reaching out to let you know that the IFS Institute and the Foundation for Self Leadership, along with the rest of the IFS community, stand firmly with you, the people of Ukraine and surrounding countries as well as those with loved ones impacted by this crisis. As the Ukrainian people face attacks, uncertainty and the sudden loss of homes and loved ones we extend our support and love. What we have been observing violates our core values of humanity, harmony, and love.  

As a global IFS community, we also recognize, our International Partners, and IFS practitioners in Russia. You have bravely supported the Ukrainian community and continue to express your dismay at the ruthless invasion and the devastation it has caused. We appreciate the challenges you’re encountering and stand by your side as well. 

We would like to share with all of you some resources that may help provide support and for some, a greater understanding of the roots of these conflicts with an IFS lens. 


Managing Through Crisis Video Series (now with Ukrainian, Russian and Polish sub-titles)

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Institute created a webinar series to support people in the IFS community.  While the content was created for a different crisis, the content feels highly relevant for today. We invite you to revisit if you feel called the webinars on Grief and Polarization from Ann Sinko, Wake-Up Calls and Trailheads from Dick Schwartz and Caring for the Caregivers from Toni Herbine-Blank.   

Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish sub-titles have been added to each of these videos to reflect the communities who may be most in need at this time in that area of the world.  Additionally, Toni’s meditation for Caregivers has been extracted from her longer webinar.  We know that many individuals, communities, organizations, and countries are working to ease the pain of the crisis.  If you are one of those people, we invite you to take time for yourself with this meditation.  

Each of these videos, along with others, can be found on the Institute’s YouTube channel:  

Similarly, the "innervention” series sponsored by the Foundation during the pandemic may be of value. This is a series of conversations and tools to help build strength and hope during the pandemic and beyond. Please check these videos on the Foundation’s YouTube channel: 


Eastern European Cultural Burdens, War Trauma, and Immigration Challenges Videos  

In addition, the Institute is opening access to some of its conference presentations from 2021 that may provide additional support.   

  • Eastern Europe Cultural Burdens: Three presenters from Eastern Europe, including IFS Assistant Trainer Irina Diyankova shared the history of oppression and cultural traumas in the Ukraine, Poland, and Russia. They spoke with courage and bravery, and we were honored to learn from them. Together with Irina, Iryna and Eliza, we share this workshop with the larger IFS community to bring greater attention to the cultural burdens and trauma these countries have held. In the midst of the crisis, the greater community can learn from the experiences shared by these presenters.  
  • IFS and the Middle East, Healing Wounds and Becoming Whole: A panel discussion from our colleagues; Ann-Katrin Bockmann, Chady Rahmé, Ben Rivers, Hoda Refaat Mahfouz and Tom Holmes who are working to bring IFS to the Arabic speaking Middle East region where citizens, refuges and the people who are helping them have experienced recurring stress and trauma from the long-lasting turmoil.  
  • Using the Model to Navigate Immigration Challenges: A webinar from Rosa Bramble Caballero, a member of our community and IFSI’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee whose focus is offering an understanding of how the IFS Model provides both the language and resources to immigrant and asylum speakers, supporting and healing immigration trauma. 


Upcoming Live Webinars  

The Institute is working on scheduling two webinars that will be available in the coming weeks.  Dick Schwartz will join Senior Lead Trainer Osnat Arbel in a webinar to explore IFS and War Trauma. Registration for this webinar will be available soon. In addition, Irina, Iryna and Eliza from our conference presentation above, will offer a Q&A session to answer questions on their conference presentation and provide additional information based on recent events. 

Join Irina, Iryna and Eliza on April 19, 2022 9-10am EST / 4-5pm EEST(Ukraine) 

Register Here:


Providing Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy.  

The Foundation is exploring the possibility of recruiting, organizing, and mobilizing a group of volunteer IFS therapists to provide emotional support to refugees, starting with Ukrainians in Europe and eventually in the US, and reaching others from various parts of the world. Those interested in joining this effort, please contact

To all, we extend our support to members of the IFS community in the midst of this crisis and invite those of you willing to provide whatever support you can for the people of Ukraine. In challenging times like these, there is power in togetherness and connection to Self.  We hope that the resources above provide you with tools to support you and your loved ones.  Thank you to all our video presenters for their kind sharing of their wisdom.  


With our support and love,  

IFS Institute and the Foundation for Self Leadership